Agatha Christie’s play ‘And Then There Were None’ is a murder mystery from 1939 that centres on ten individuals stranded on an island who are then convicted of murder. Shortly after, the characters are mysteriously killed off one by one and there is a rush to find out who the murderer is, before everyone is killed.

Brought back to the 21st century by director Steph Biggs and the LSU Stage Society, the production was a perfect combination of tension and humour. The acting from all cast members was very convincing and it was obvious that they were comfortable with their roles, particularly when watching their reactions and interactions with other characters. In especially tense scenes, it was hard not to feel personally connected with each of the characters and understand their fear of the others. However, the audience had to constantly ask and question who the murderer actually was until the final scenes.

There were particularly comic lines and performances from Luke Gannon (Detective Blore), Simon Butler (Captain Lombard) and John Skerritt (Anthony Marston), which really helped to diffuse the tension and encourage the audience’s enjoyment of the play as well as their connection to the characters. The acting from Ellen Gray (Vera Claythorne) and Emily Ffrench (Emily Brent) was particularly commendable in the scenes they shared on stage, where they both reflected the inter-generational hostility perfectly and were really at home with their characters’ values and ideas.

Special emphasis has to be given to the performances of Charlie Staunton (Dr. Armstrong), whose awkwardness and nervousness as a character was clear from the moment he stepped on stage, as well as Damien Hughes’ acting (General Mackenzie) and the pain in his voice when talking about his wife. And finally Sam Morris’ acting as Judge Wargrave was perfect for channelling the Judge’s authority as well as causing the audience’s unease and horror.

In addition to the acting and the directing, the small details like being greeted by Josh Reynolds (Rogers) and Aileen Ging (Mrs Rogers) as the butler and maid when entering the theatre, as well as the music from the 30’s and the 40’s playing in the background helped the audience to become immersed in the play’s setting and were a great introduction to the performance.

Cast List

Rogers – Josh Reynolds 
Emily Brent – Emily Ffrench 
Vera Claythorne – Ellen Gray
Captain Lombard – Simon Butler
Mrs Rogers – Aileen Ging
Judge Wargrave – Sam Morris
General Mackenzie – Damien Hughes
Dr Armstrong – Charlie Staunton
Detective Blore – Luke Gannon
Anthony Marston – John Skerritt 
Narracott/Stage Manager – Charlotte Dove

ASM – Sam Lane
Director – Steph Biggs


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