The sun has indeed got his hat on, and it’s time to whip out the ‘sunnies’, shorts and flip-flops now they are weather appropriate! Online Editor George Mostyn runs through fifteen things to see and do in Loughborough during the summer term.

Enjoy a Pint Outside JC’s

With plenty of outdoor seating and some great offers, JC’s is an ideal place to chill out mid-afternoon with a drink on Union Lawn.

Picnic Time

Why not take in some of Loughborough’s beautiful parks and Campus’ green spaces with a picnic with your block or flat. Bring out some speakers and relax under the sun.

Barbeque Weather 

It’s summer – it’s hot – let’s serve some food to match! Whether your preference is beef or pork, ‘surf and turf’ or jerk chicken, throw it all on the BBQ. MAKE SURE YOU GET PERMISSION FROM YOUR HALL/LANDLORD BEFOREHAND! 


Pitch space always frees up in the summer, so grab some mates and pick up a bat, ball, racket or even a Frisbee, and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Cricket Season

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but there is no doubt – Cricket makes for the most relaxed spectator sport around, especially in sunny Loughborough! Take in a match on Brockington or behind Haslegrave on the first team square. 

Loughborough International Athletics

The biggest athletics event is coming on Sunday May 19th and is always a crowd pleaser, with some of the country’s top athletes and student competitors gracing the Paula Radcliffe Stadium.

Post-Exam Parties

Summer does come with one drawback – Exams! However, that also means post-exam parties! The Student’s Union offers many deals during exam period don’t wait to get in line and enjoy your summer freedom!

Go Acoustic

Going to a local festival or gig, or taking a guitar down to the park, acoustic music is the perfect accompaniment for the summer months ahead. 

Water Fight!

Pick up a water pistol from Argos or even Tesco for as little as £5 and go to war with your floor! Alternatively, pick up some water balloons and fill them with water and food colouring for some colourful revenge…

Orange-Coloured Skies 

Loughborough is renowned for its beautiful summer sunsets, with orange and reds streaming across the horizon. Take a visit to Towers or check out the bell tower in Queen’s Park for the ultimate view.

Swimming in the Quarry

Bored of the swimming pool? Don’t want to pay for entry? Many Loughborough students have discovered an old quarry just outside Loughborough, and is now a wonderful place for swimming, infamous for cliff diving.

Grad Ball 2013

Although the theme is still in the voting stage, the Grad Ball is a must-see event for the class of 2013 graduating from Loughborough University. Previous years have been Harry Potter and Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe themes, with acts including Pixie Lott, Ollie Murs and more featuring on stage in Room 1!

Photo Opportunity

With the year coming to a close, now is the ideal time to get that final tick off the ‘Uni Bucket List’ and get a photo with the Loughborough University sign!

End of Year Hall Parties

Whether it’s Towers’ Final Friday Fling, Harry French Day or Fara-day, grab your ticket to your hall’s end of year party – an incredible way to celebrate the final day of the university calendar.

Take Part in the Loughborough Experience

Loughborough stills offers one of the premier student experiences in the country – So go on an Action project, raise some money for Rag, get involved with a Society, play some sport or get involved with LS Media. There’s plenty to experience, why not try it all?

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