While poor application of purple eye shadow can leave you looking as if you have been hit in the eye, purple eye makeup remains one of the top makeup trends this spring. Label Style tries out the look and brings you beauty industry insiders’ tips and tricks to achieve this tricky look.

"From lavender to blackberry, lilac to plum, purple eye shadow is very flattering: It works well with brown, blue, hazel, and especially green eyes," says In Style's beauty editor, Eleanor Pendleton. "These shades can also help counteract redness, making whites appear brighter."

Thus, while purple eye shadows reach the maximum effect on green eyes, it works with other eye colors as well, however, you should be careful selecting the right shade. Celebrity makeup artist Tracey Levy says, "If you are going to do purple, I would stick with one bold eye shadow color.”

  • Green Eyes – If your eyes are green, you MUST try this look, as any shade of purple will make them stand out. While you can go for any shade, for a really dramatic look opt for a deep shade of purple such as dark aubergine for maximum impact.
  • Brown Eyes – If you have brown or hazel eyes, you are really lucky because the majority of colours suit you well. To create a perfect purple eye look, go for purple eye shadow with warmer tones. You can also mix it up with a bit of bronze that will make brown eyes stand out beautifully.
  • Blue Eyes – While purple won’t be the first choice, you can still rock it by opting for a purple with grey undertones or a dusty shade.

While not many people dare to use purple eye shadow, don’t be afraid to try it out. To create a flirty and feminine look, we used KIKO highly pigmented eye shadow in deep purple (number 152), which was blended with the light eye shadow base.  To make the look more dramatic, use the eyeliner to create a ‘cat eye’ effect, and compliment the look with the pink or peach blush and light lip-gloss.


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