Fashion is not just about following the latest trends. It is also about developing your own personal style. In fact, personal style is an individual's fashion sense or way of dressing. As fashion is all about the way you dress, personal style is very important.

Developing a personal fashion style is about getting to know yourself and boosting your confidence. After all, when you look great you feel great! So follow these starting points to polish you style:

  • Write down what your best features are. Could it be your long legs or well-defined eyes? Identifying your personal strengths will allow you to draw attention to those features that you feel the most confident about.
  • Find out what colour palette is suitable for your skin tone. For instance, people with blue or pink undertones in their complexion look good in stark colours, like black, white and red as well as in neutrals and pastels. On the other hand, people with golden undertones in their skin are more suited to muted and pale colours, such as golden yellow, caramel and aqua.
  • Look for inspirational material. Collect images from blogs, magazines and other publications that inspire you to dress well. Once you have identified your best features and colour palette, you can search for trends and outfit style that suit you best.
  • Now you can define your personal style and must have items. Do you fit into the feminine or sport chic style? What are the key pieces you need to complete your look? Here you need to factor in your occupation and lifestyle as these two often define what one can wear in particular places.

Once you have completed points one to four, you should have a clear idea of what your personal style should be. A useful tip would be to write everything down in a style diary to help you put outfit combinations later on. Remember style equals individuality and expresses your personality through the way you dress.


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