Shortly after 1am this morning, your new Union Executive for 2013-2014 was officially revealed! After a short delay, ‘The Final Countdown’ was played to mark the start of the election results, and following some fancy lighting and pyrotechnics, current VP Democracy and Communications Ali Cole took to the stage.

First to be invited onto the stage by Ali were the Action Chair candidates Michael Jordan and Sarah Haar. RON received 206 votes, Michael Jordan received 2037 votes and Sarah Haar received 3450 and, therefore, was elected as your new Action Chair!

Next up was the result for President of the Athletic Union. The two candidates, Jennie Cooper and Tim Jenkins were brought onto the stage. RON received 200 votes, Tim Jenkins received 1716 votes, but Jennie Cooper received 3776 votes and was elected your new Athletic Union President!

As Jennie danced off stage, Ali Cole invited the only Head of Media candidate, Helen Crossley, onto the stage. RON received 606 votes, while Helen Crossley received 4778 votes and was elected as your new Head of Media. Everyone at Label is looking forward to working with her next year!

The next result that was announced was for the hotly contested position of Rag Chair. As both candidates, Paul Nanson and Mike Lyness, entered the stage, the left hand side of Room 1 erupted in chants for Paul Nanson. For Rag Chair, RON received 317 votes, Mike Lyness received 2282 votes and Paul Nanson received 2929 votes. A close shave, but Paul Nanson was elected your new Rag Chair.

The second uncontested position of the night, Societies Federation President, was next and the only candidate Georgia Cheyne took to the stage. RON received 618 votes, and Georgia Cheyne received 4855 votes and, therefore, was elected as your new Societies Federation President.

Candidates for VP Democracy and Communications were next to take to the stage, Hannah Chrisp and David Haines. Both with strong campaigns this was a position that was hard to call. RON received 331 votes; David Haines received 1269 votes while Hannah Crisp received 4022. Hannah Crisp, therefore, won to become the new VP Democracy and Communications.

The results for the third uncontested position were next to be announced. Sole candidate for VP Education, Becky Fletcher took to the stage. RON received 683 votes and Becky Lauder-Fletcher received 4830 votes to become your new VP Education.

Next up was arguably the most controversial position of the elections this year, VP Finance and Commercial Services, with candidates Chris McKenna and Zak Evans. RON received 305 votes, Chris McKenna received 735 votes and Zak Evans received 4594 votes. Zak Evans is your new VP Finance!

The penultimate position to be announced was also the most popularly contested position; VP Welfare and Diversity. The three candidates for this position were invited onto the stage, David Tingle, Isobel Ford and Maz Haider. For this position RON received 178 votes, Maz Haider received 652 votes, David Tingle received 1396 votes and Isobel Ford received 3569 to become your new VP Welfare and Diversity.

Finally came the result for the biggest position on the Executive and fourth uncontested position, Union President. The only candidate, Josh Hurrell was invited onto the stage. For Union President RON received 513 votes while Josh Hurrell received 5305 votes and was, therefore, elected to become your new Union President.

And there we have it, the winners and the breakdown of the results of the Executive Elections 2013. In comparison to the normal Loughborough stereotype, the prevalence of seven girls claiming their place on the Executive is a massive step forward for the University, with one of the heaviest female student governments in the country. Label would like to congratulate all the candidates, both winners and losers for their efforts during the elections!

What are your thoughts on the brand new Union Executive for 2013-14? Comment below or find us on Twitter @labelonline.


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