After ten long days of waking up at the crack of dawn and crawling back to bed in the early hours of the morning, this years Executive Election candidates are just hours away from finding out if they have been elected by you to become the new representatives for Loughborough’s Students’ Union.

So far the candidates have had to endure a ten-day long stint of ensuring that they, and their manifesto points, are known by the students of Loughborough. They have taken part in parades around campus with their campaign teams, encouraged students to get involved with activities that they have set up themselves, organised flash mobs in James France, annoyed many lecturers with lecture shout outs, knocked on the majority of doors on campus and have been a constant presence with their campaign team on nights out and now it is finally time to see if that hard work has paid off as they take to the stage tonight.

Results night is a daunting experience for all candidates involved. Not only do they have to be concerned about the results themselves but about standing on Room 1 stage in front of one of the biggest audiences Hey Ewe will see all year. After getting through the trauma, they then have to worry about how to react when the results come through; with all eyes on the candidates, a composed losing face is definitely required if necessary. There is also the added worry of not falling over on stage…especially for the female candidates who will no doubt be sporting heels as a part of their outfits tonight.

And as well as worrying about their opponents beating them when the results are announced, our candidates will have their fingers crossed, hoping they have done enough to claim victory and also avoid being ‘RON-ed’ by the student population; a worry not only for candidates running contested but for those such as the role of President, VP Education, SocFed President and Head of Media, who are all running uncontested in this years elections.

After an extra six days of campaigning last year, it can be said that last years candidates were more than likely to be feeling the strain of the elections almost twice as much through exhaustion compared to this years candidates. This is what some of the current Exec have had to say about when they were in the same position this time last year:

Billy Marsh, current Action Chair said: “Even though I was uncontested, I was genuinely nervous but by now I felt I had done all I could have! It’s a weird feeling to say the least.”

Rag Chair Max Turner: "It's one of the biggest nights of my life so I was absolutely bricking it, and just wanted to get the result over and done with!"

Ali Cole, VP Democracy and Communications: “This time last year I felt under a huge amount of pressure, nervous about the chance of being ‘RON-ed’, nervous for my friends who were running, and terrified of facing a Room 1 choc-a-bloc full of voters… Not to mention being exhausted from sixteen days of hard campaigning.”

Lazar Zindovic, VP Education: “Oh great question! I remember feeling nervous yet so excited. Knowing my team and myself had given it our all I was just hoping for the best and looking forward to an eventful Hey Ewe.”

Lewis Timms, AU President: “I was extremely nervous but relieved that the campaigning had come to an end, as I was exhausted and in pain (I was on crutches due to my foot being infected). The results don’t sink in until the morning after but the feeling when you are announced as the position holder is incredible, all the hard work has paid off.”

Union Presiden Ellie Read: "I felt absolutely exhausted and incredibly nervous at the prospect of finding out if my hard work for sixteen days had paid off!"

LSUTV from 12.30am and Label Online from 11.30pm tonight will be coming to you live from the Students' Union, bringing you all the action as we reveal YOUR Union Executive for 2013-14!

With only a few hours left before the polls close, make sure you vote for YOUR next Union Executive right here on and don't forget about your right to #RememberRON …


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