On Sunday, VP Welfare and Diversity candidate Maz 'SuperMaz' Haider has become the first Exec Elections candidate to break the £100 cap for his total campaign; exceeding the mark by £2, leading to a sanction delayed until this morning.

The new £100 budget cap implemented by VP Democracy and Communications Ali Cole finally has its first victim, as 'SuperMaz' Haider, running against Dave 'Pringle' Tingle and Izzy 'Rascal' Ford, has been hit with a two-hour ban from campaigning from 11.30am to 1.30pm today; All for being the price of a single Red Bull over the £100 limit! Haider joins Chris McKenna and Izzy Ford on the Exec Elections sanction list.

During Media Week, Maz, famous for his appearence on the X Factor in 2010 as part of the group Jahm, chose not to disclose what he was spending his money on, but mentioned "materials like cardboard, and sweets and stuff." However his disclosure in mute from here on, as the former Butler Court Rag Rep has paid the price for… Well… Over-paying!

Label Sty;e Editor Chloe Fallon noted the thoughts and general spending ideas of our candidates in her article, whilst our current Exec members discussed how they would alter their campaigns to fit in with the new changes to the budget.

What do you think of the new budget rules implemented this year? Comment below to have your say, or find us on Twitter @labelonline or via #ExecElections . And don't forget about your right to #RememberRON


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