From January 28 to February 3, the union will be hosting a Health and Wellbeing week for students, each day focussing on a different theme that 'relates to issues students face while at university'.

Below is a list of the different activities on offer. More information can be found on their Facebook page and twitter, @LboroHWW .


Monday – Mental Health

Mental Health Stalls in Union Piazza (10a.m -5p.m)

Relaxation class: 5-6pm @ Students Union, Board Room (Free) 

Mental Health themed LCR Radio Show 5-6p.m #GetLufbraTalking

Boot Camp: 5-6pm @ Games Park (Mylifestyle. Free)

Zumba Class: 5-6p.m @ EHB (Free)

Shadow Combat: 6.15-7.15p.m @ HUB (Free)

Football Kick-about: 6-7pm @ Games Park (My Lifestyle. Free)

Hall-Run: 7pm Meet outside Powerbase (My Lifestyle. Free)

Salsa Class (Beginners): 7-8pm in Fusion

Aqua Aerobatics: @ Pool (Free)

Tuesday – Sexual Health

Chlamydia Screening in Village Bar 12p.m -2p.m

Chlamydia Screening in EHB 2-5p.m.

Chlamydia Screening session for sports teams. PEC Rubber crumb Changing rooms @ 6pm

Fruit and Veg stall outside the EHB, all day.

Pilates: 12.30-1.30p.m @ HUB (Free)

Pilates: 5-6p.m @ EHB (Free)

Fitness Attack: 6.15-7p.m @ HUB (Free)

Shaolin Kung Fu (TS): Martial Arts Centre 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Aqua Aerobics: 20-21.00 @ Pool (Free)

Chlamydia Screening at Stupid Tuesday from 10p.m

Wednesday – Well-Fayre

Well-Fayre will begin at 10am in the Students Union with lots interactive stalls from organisations such as NHS Stop-Smoking, British Heart Foundation, Chlamydia Screening, Coppa Feel, My Lifestyle and more. 40 different stalls are planned and there will be tons of freebies to take home!

Fruit Route Walk 12.30-1.30p.m. Meet outside the EHB at 12.20p.m

Hiking Society: Walk to Beacon Hill, 12pm meet @Students Union (Bring Sensible Shoes)

Yoga Society (TS): Bill Mo Common Dance Studio from 1pm-2:30pm (£2 charge)

Rec Run: 3pm Meet @ the Students’ Union (My Lifestyle)

Aikido Self Defence (TS): Martial Arts Centre (time & place tbc)

Boot Camp: 5-6pm @ Games Park (My Lifestyle)

Breakdance (TS):  5:30pm-7:30pm @ Bill Mo Common room.

Taekwondo (TS):  8:30pm-10:30pm @ the Netball Centre.

Hour of Power: 8-9p.m @ EHB (Free)

Thursday – Community Day

Stalls in Piazza from 11am-4pm including accommodation services, student advice and support, the Police, waste management team from council, community wardens, community committee and many more will be present!

Pilates: 12.30-1.30p.m @ HUB (Free)

Lacrosse: (TS): 4-5pm @ EHB crumb

Dance Jam: 5-6p.m @ EHB (Free)

Zumba: 6-7p.m @ EHB (Free)

Nike Training Club (women only): 6-7p.m @ the Netball Centre

Shadow Combat: 7.15-8.15p.m @ HUB (Free)

Friday – Eat Well and Alcohol Awareness

Nutritional stalls in Piazza: 11am-2pm (inc. body fat testing)

Aikido Society (Self Defence Class): Martial Arts Centre from 3pm-4:30pm

Yoga Society (TS): @ Bill Mo Dance Studio from 4:30pm – 6pm (£2 charge)

Cardio Tennis: 5-6pm @ Ball Park (My Lifestyle)

Yoga: 5.15-6.15p.m @ HUB (Free)

Zumba: 6-7p.m @ HUB (Free)

Rec Run: 7pm Meet @ the Students’ Union (My Lifestyle)

Better Decisions FND featuring Cocktail Society!

SUPER Saturday!

Superstars – the ultimate test to find Loughborough’s best overall athletes!

Round 1: Army-style assault course on the EHB Rubbercrumb from 11am-5pm.Entry is £5 which includes Superstars t-shirt, free entry to Hey Ewe and a protein shaker (depending on availability)!

Round 2: Top 20 men and women progress to compete in a variety of sports which will test physical and mental ability.

Round 3: Top 4 men and women then compete in the Superstars Final held at Hey Ewe!

SuperHumans – new for 2013!

A Disability Sport programme was launched by the Athletic Union this year and has been endorsed by our Paralympic Athletes including Sam Ruddock and Emma Hollis. The SuperHuman event is a chance for students to try out sports such as Boccia, Sitting Volleyball, New Age Curling and Wheelchair Basketball from 12-4PM (Sports Hall)

Both of these events will contribute to IMS points – the more people from your hall that come down, the more points you gain. Town students are also more than welcome!

Rec Run: 1pm Meet @ Library (My Lifestyle)

Sunday – Recreational Sport

Paintballing Society: meet 9AM @ Students Union (£35 inc. lunch and drinks)

Experience the World 5-a-side football: EHB crumb from midday


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