Angry Birds by Beans on Toast!

With everything in the music sphere seemingly dominated by either the cool or the crass, it seems that everyone has to add a touch of ‘seriousness’ to make music matter. It would seem that if artists want to make songs with an unapologetically humorous back-bone, then they would have to sacrifice some kind of musical credibility. That is, if you discount Beans on Toast.

For his new album Fishing For A Thank You, subject themes include Jimmy Savile, the concept of having a child and, of course, politics. In Angry Birds we see Jay accompanied by a brass ensemble of sorts to discuss everyone’s favourite smart phone app (hence the song title).

And if you don’t like it, at least Beans gets his head kicked in throughout the music video. And if you want to see this live, you’re in luck, the song release is in tandem with the launch of his new UK tour of numerous dates including the Kraak gallery in Manchester and others. 


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