Our love for online shopping has grown in recent years, and the trend continues as more and more shops appear at our fingertips. Online shopping is the answer to everything!

After a long day at Uni, it has become so easy to jump on our laptop and spend some of our student loan in a matter of seconds! Although somewhat dangerous, it is an easy and accessible platform to access the latest trends worldwide. With the restrictions faced with the variety, (and size) of shops in Loughborough, every girl and boy has had their fair share of ASOS, Topshop, Missguided and Urban Outfitters packages delivered. Items that don’t fit or look right can be sent back straight away adding to the ease and convenience of virtual bargain hunting. It’s the perfect answer to us lazy students especially as so many of them provide discounts!

So, to help you out we’ve suggested some of our favourite online shops and have EVEN provided you with some places to get discount codes just in time for Christmas!

Here are a few to get you going before that Christmas party season, and don't forget to check out Uni Days to sign up and get a load of discounts:

I asked some of the Label girls and boys what their favourite online shop was and why:

Emma, 20, Manchester

American Apparell: ‘It may be expensive, but there are no other shops around that do much stuff like it. It’s quite unique and different.’

Fiona, 20, York

Urban Outfitters: ‘I like that the website has home accessories as well as funky knit wear too. I’ve heard that your style is reflected in the appearance of your home too!’

Matt, 20, Reading

Topman: ‘Topman is so easy to use and always gives a student discount. Plus the delivery and returns are so easy – which makes it so simple.’

Rosie, 20, Essex

ASOS: ‘I like ASOS because I’ve grown up with it and am really comfortable accessing it. It’s a really familiar advert that’s advertised everywhere and because I’ve used it so much its trust worthy. Whereas with somewhere like miss guided and boohoo I’m slightly more reluctant (although I know loads of people who use both sites a lot) because they are relatively new so I don’t really know them as well.’

Caroline, 19, Hertfordshire

Jack Wills:‘I really liked JW before it became such a well-established and poplar brand. It’s one of my favourite shops because it fits into the image of the country life which I exist in at home, whilst not looking out dated or unfashionable. Although it is quite pricey I'd rather owe fewer items of a better quality.’

Lewis, 21, Brighton

ASOS: ‘ASOS always has free delivery and offers for students which is useful, as well as a variety of brands online rather than having to trawl all over the internet and visit loads of different sites. It’s easy to use and really popular.’

Happy Shopping!


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