To compare James Dean with the boys that cause girls hysteria nowadays would be a hard task. The baby face of Justin Bieber or the One Direction boys fail miserably to come close to the charisma and classical aura of James Dean who, even almost six decades after his death, remains the pinnacle male style icon, the symbol of rebellious youth and an ultimate king of cool.

James Byron Dean (February 8th, 1931 – September 30th, 1955) was an American actor, who is most famous for his iconic role as a troubled Los Angeles teenager Jim Stark in the film ‘Rebel Without a Cause’. Although the actor appeared in just a few big movies, his talent, looks and personality quickly brought him fame in Hollywood, where the boy from Indiana was labelled a star.

His unexpected death in a car crash at the tender age of 24 meant that his is remembered in the public eyes as a forever-young rebel and an embodiment of the 1950s youth.

'Blue jeans, white shirt. Walked into the room, you know you make my eyes burn.
It was like James Dean for sure’: Sings Lana del Rey in her hit ‘Blue Jeans’ that perfectly describes the trademark look of James Dean which is sometimes called the ‘essence of casual cool’. The actor who was never overdressed, pulled off every outfit with the perfect confidence that transformed the simple jeans and t-shirts combo into the uniform of cool. The geniality of his style is hidden in being effortless and simple chosing mininmalistic clothes that do not outshine your persona.

The immortal style of James Dean can be easily infused in your wardrobe so here are some tips how to create his look:

  • Simplicity is Key: Start with the basic pieces such as jeans and t-shirt. Jeans should be simple, classic cut and blue. No colourful skinnies, ripped jeans or (God forbid) loose jeans hanging off your backside. T-shirts should be simple as well, nothing with the scantily clad women, sexual slogans, or no deep V-neck. Basic high quality cotton t-shirts in white, grey or blue colors are essential. You can wear them with casual jeans and under more fancy jacket if you want to smarten up the look. If you are going for a smarter look opt for the classic pieces such as white classic shirts, classic cut plain black trousers, straight cut black coat and jacket. 
  • Leather Jacket: The most iconic piece worn by James Dean. The classic and simple black leather jacket is a good investment into your wardrobe because it can be worn creating various looks. The jacket should be worn with the collar ‘flipped up’.
  • Details: Shoes should be simple as well. Classic black boots or even Converse worn with plain socks is a good choice. Also, do not go overboard with accessories. Apart from his movies, Dean never wore hats or jewellery. Simple watch and black Ray Ban style sunglasses would be a good choice.
  • Being handsome does not hurt! It is hard to compete with the man that is called one of the most beautiful people in Hollywood that ever lived. However, you can try to recreate his hairstyle called pompadour, which means that hair is short on the sides but higher on top with more texture. Tell the barber you want a “two guard on the sides and back” and “leave it one inch long on top”.  Once you have a haircut, you need to follow a simple procedure of towel drying your hair and pushing it back from your forehead. Try to make them stand straight and blow dry. Use some hair paste and run it though the hair and fix with the hairspray.

‘Everyone either wanted him or wanted to be like him’

Was said about James Dean. In terms of fashion, even years after his death James Dean is still an ultimate male fashion icon and style inspiration that is being emulated by celebrities (no offense Robert Pattinson) and fashion forward men all over the world. However, there was only one James Dean with his irresistible charisma that made the girls weak in the knees. However, Dean is definitely a person to look at how to carry yourself with confidence and sophistication that should be important for every modern man.


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