The results of Lost 2012 are in, and with over 180 participants having already raised over £12,000 for Loughborough Students Rag, this money will be given to local charities at the end of the year.

At midnight on Friday November 23, we sent four coaches full of blindfolded participants all with no idea where they were heading. This year the theme of the locations was ‘Lost at Sea’. With all the locations being on, or next to, the beach, with coaches ending up in Clevedon, Wallasey, Humberstone and Heacham.

Each year there is a location in Norfolk, notorious for its lack of motorways, but Heacham, buried along the Norfolk coastline was dubbed ‘Turbo Norfolk’ due to its sheer difficulty due to the lack of main roads and no real links to the midlands.

Just 4 hours and 34 minutes after setting of from Clevedon in Bristol, we had our first arrivals, ‘Girls Gone Wild’ who consisted of Dani Kecojevic, Emily Kelvey and Cameron Lucas. However due to this year’s new addition to the challenge, were they to be the overall winners?

This year’s new twist consisted of each team being given a set of nine challenges to complete, which if completed resulted in time being taken off their teams finishing time. The challenges varied from building a sandcastle, to getting a picture with a Milkman and trying to get a photo outside a famous sport stadium. This added not only another fun element, but the chance to visit some famous landmarks, with some teams visiting Anfield, Bristol Cathedral, or even the mighty home of Grimsby football club Blundell Park.

This gave teams more options; rush back and complete 1 or 2 challenges, or take a few diversions to complete challenges and then try and make your way home. It was this decision that would ultimately decide the final winners.

It was a close finish and the winners were victorious by only 2 minutes. JAN, a team consisting of James Kent, Niall Stewart and Alex Macleod, raced back from Humberstone, to arrive back at 9.37am. However due to completing nearly all the challenges, they managed to edge past Girls Gone Wild by just 2 minutes!

Other notable mentions should go to 3 Mustgetoutofheres, The Lost Boys and T12, who all managed to rise over 20 places in the standings through completing many of the challenges. It was then left for the remaining teams to hitchhike their way back, through blagging lifts, or trying to persuade bus and train drivers to let them on for free.

Almost 24 hours later at 11.55pm, the last team arrived safely back in Loughborough.

The Final Top 50


1. JAN
3. Lost Foxes

4. Fraser Beckett
5. Josh, Louise, Georgie
6. Austino Martinez and Brokeback Mike
7. Dark Horses
8. Rigg Rutt Nutters
9. B Block
10. All hope is lost
11. Poon
12. QQ2
13. Crouching Barmaid Hidden Sausage
14. T12
15. The Lost Boys
16. The Meatballs
17. Elephant
18. 3 Mustgetoutofheres
19. Lost and Found
20. Winners
21. Steve Guppys Right foot
22. Max and Paddy
23. Rabbit Hutch
24. A&E
25. Reckless Philly
26. Glenns Team
27. 3 Wisemen
28. 2 men and a greek
29. Weiry Travellers
30. 3 Blind Freshers
31. Clueless
32. Royce Boys
33. George Harrison
34. Into the Wild
35. MDW
36. The Only Way is Essex and Kent

37. Team Ben
38. Magic Mexicans
39. 3 Guys 1 Y
40. Charianti
41. Holywalkamoles
42. 3 Musketeers (3)
43. E32's
44. Cunning Stunts
45. Savilles U12's
46. Royce Hill Billies
47. 4 Big Tits
48. Whitworth
49. 3 Blind Mice
50. Separated at Birth

To read LIVE updates from the event, click here.


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