What makes you remember a TV advert? Music? Characters? Humour? Well, here are some you should definitely remember; whether you love them or hate them! Click the title of each advert to find the footage on YouTube

Best Ads

Coca-Cola Santa

It’s that time of year again, Santa Claus is back and ‘holidays are coming!’ If you have never seen this traditional Coco-Cola advert then you are definitely missing out! Does the child make you feel melancholy and make you wish you still believed? Since 1931, this iconic Christmas advert has marked the beginning of the season.  


Cadbury always seem to hit the nail on the head with their TV ads. The Phil Collins Gorilla ad still sticks in our minds today, even though there is no relevance to Cadbury’s products! A truly powerful advert, which was voted favourite TV ad for 2007. We’re sure you remember the two children and their dancing eyebrows in another famous ad, now don’t pretend you haven’t tried to impersonate their skills!

Compare the Market

Who doesn’t adore these lovable meerkats that dominate our TV screens? The catchy accent and genius advertising has got every audience mimicking them; no one could forget this brand! The idea is so developed that the meerkats have their own website where you can even buy your own meerkat toy! “Simples!”

Skoda Fabia Cake

We were all drooling at the screens when the famous cake car rolled off Skoda’s production line. The memorable music of Mary Poppins engages us in the advert and we are entranced in the creation!

Evian Roller Babies

This laugh out loud advert has the power to make you seriously broody or put you off kids for life! It won a spot in the Guinness Book of Records with 45million online views as its graphics are a must see! The characterisation of these gangster babies is hilarious and we almost envy their hippity hop!

Other  favourites


Worst Ads


This advert was possibly the most annoying thing to hit our TVs. Everyone spoke about it and everyone sang the irritating ‘they’re gonna taste great’ lyrics. We know you remember this. Maybe you also remember how the boy who starred in this received many death threats and apparently moved to Australia to escape the bullies!

Iceland Mums

This advert seems the next big step for ‘budding’ Z-list celebs such as Kerry Katona and Stacey Solomon. This gives us all something to aspire to… If anyone is interested in seeing the outtakes, it’s quite impressive.

National Accident Helpline

How could you forget this dodgy-fringed victim’s performance? The dramatic falling to the floor in order to claim compensation is engrained in our memory for life. Join the Facebook group in memory of this horror.

Go Compare

Do you always find yourself singing along like an Opera singer against your will? This adverts tune is unbelievably contagious and will ruin your day if it gets stuck in your head. This jolly chap with a moustache is too much to handle as can be seen in the most recent ad as people resort to hurting him!     


In contrast to the light hearted, this road safety advert is horrifically shocking and causes shivers down the spine! The voice, visual imagery and dramatic effects create an advert that could deter you from speeding instantly. Although it is a brilliant advert in terms of a powerful message, once is enough for any viewer.

Other worst adverts

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