Throughout October there are various celebratory events for Black History Month, and for Loughborough, next Monday will mark the start of a weeks’ worth of different events. Culture Editor Jo Donnelly guides you through what will be happening over the course of the celebrations.


October 22nd – The events kick off with some Inspirational Speakers, who will give an overview of the history of Black History Month.  This will be a brilliant way to learn about Black History Month; whether you’ve never heard of it before or already have a strong interest.  This will be followed by a performance and Q&A with the incredible poet and writer Anthony Anaxgorou.  The events will start from 7pm in J001 (EHB).

October 23rd – On Tuesday, there will be a ‘Love Music, Hate Racism’ night in Room 1.  A number of different acts including DMU step group and Akala will perform.  This will be an amazing celebration of music, dance, poetry and other forms of expression.  Tickets must be bought prior the event, and can be found here:

October 24th – Starting from 6.30pm in JJ004 (Ann Packer), the celebrations continue with a ‘Meet and Greet’ with African students.  This will be an incredible opportunity to talk to the students about their lives and experiences, and to learn about their culture and views on Black History Month. 

October 25th – One of the most interesting events during the week will be a Live Debate.  Everyone can turn up and have their say on an issue related to Black History Month.  It will give you the chance to share your own views as well as learning more about different issues. The debate runs from 6.30-9pm in J002 (EHB).  That night, from 7pm, there will also be the standard JC’s Pub Quiz, but with a twist – A Black History Month theme!

October 27th – The weekend starts here, with an African and Caribbean Food and Culture afternoon.  There will be stands serving traditional food, with African Caribbean music and clothes on show.  A great Saturday afternoon event, in the Union Piazza from 3pm.

October 28th – Sunday see’s a friendly Football match – Africa and the Caribbean vs. the rest of the world.  Come down and support both sides from 12-1.30pm on the Front Rubber Crumb.

A busy week of events sees Black History Month being celebrated in full by Loughborough, so come on down and join in!  It will be a chance not only to learn something about culture and history, but also just to have some fun.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, either email or join the Facebook event at


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