The new ‘MARK-II’ headphones from Angle and Curve are said to combine ‘audio excellence, quality and splendid design’. Culture Editor Jo Donnelly takes a look at a pair to see whether they truly do live up to their reputation.


London based company Angle & Curve are ‘ambassadors of the retro, classic look’. Their headphones, targeted at a young audience, hark back to a more simplistic time, when function came before aesthetics. However, the ‘Mark-II’ seems to excel on both fronts. Designed with maximum comfort in mind, with a broad, comfortable headband, and super-soft ear cups, the retro design comes in electro blue, artic white, chrome, gold and jet black. Though the stripped-back look might not appeal to everyone, the comfort they provide and the light, wearable design makes them truly appealing.

But where these headphones truly surpass others is in sound quality. 40mm ‘Disco Drivers’ mean that these headphones make your music sound amazing. They are incredibly clear, with incredible bass sounds, whilst still keeping the vocal/acoustic sounds crisp. The noise-cancelling effect means you can’t hear people talking whilst you’re wearing them and there is only a relatively small amount of sound-bleed audible to people around you. There is also an inbuilt microphone in the headphones, allowing the wearer to also make phone calls without removing them. 

This set of headphones may, at first glance, not look as glamorous as others, which focus on aesthetics over sound quality. But the retro look gives them a stylish feel that you really come to appreciate once you put them on. Combine that with the incredible sound quality all for an affordable RRP of £59.99, and I would recommend these headphones to anyone. 

Tech Specs:

Driver Units: 40mm

Frequency response: 20hz20Khz

Sensitivity: 97 ± 3dB

Impedance: 32 Ohm

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