Loughborough MP, Nicky Morgan (Conservative), was asked last week in the cabinet re-shuffle by Prime Minister David Cameron to become a minister in his Government. Mrs Morgan was promoted to the position of Assistant Government Whip.

Whips are responsible for making sure that all policies and legislative plans are implemented by working with Government Departments. Whips are also responsible to work with MPs to help with the smooth running of the House of Commons.

The new promotion to Government for Nicky Morgan will hopefully mean that Loughborough, and its university which is the largest employer in the constituency, will ultimately benefit for having a voice higher up in the House of Commons.

In a press release, Mrs Morgan stated: “When I was elected I said I would be Loughborough's voice in Westminster.  My appointment puts me, and therefore my constituents, at the heart of Government.”

She also added: “There are a lot of challenges ahead and I believe constituents want the Government to focus on economic growth and jobs. I look forward to working with all Government Departments and Ministers to fulfil the Prime Minister's vision that every Department is to focus on the economy. ”

Mrs Morgan did mention though that her new role at Westminster means her life will be busier in the capital. However she did also say it leaves her with “plenty of time at the end of the Parliamentary week, weekends and recesses to continue all my engagements, meetings and surgeries around the constituency, which are a critical part of my job.”


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