Having recently just graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Textile Design, Anisha Parmar is a promising accessories designer; and after being selected to exhibit her jewellery at New Designers, her career is certainly on track for success.

New Designers is a yearly exhibition in Islington, for up-and-coming designers across a variety of areas including jewellery, illustration, textiles and product design. Over three thousand graduates are selected each year, attracting a highly prestigious audience and reputable sponsors, allowing the graduates to gain a professional step up for the talent in their desired industry.  Many exhibitors go on to prosper in their fields to become highly commendable designers.

I had a chat with Anisha about her exciting opportunity, and what the future holds for the gifted designer.

How did the opportunity of New Designers come about, and what was it like to be picked?

Every year seven to ten people get picked by the tutors from Multi-Media Textiles to participate in the New Designers exhibition. Getting picked was great! It gave me the opportunity to show my work to a wider audience. 

Do you think New Designers is an advantage for young people breaking into the fashion industry?

I think it is a great opportunity to get my work out to both the industry and press; however I have also learnt the importance of being confident and networking with new people.

What opportunities have arisen since taking part in ND?

My work had been on trend websites, and I have been contacted by online boutiques to sell my work. 

On your tumblr you say you aim to “make people want to take a second look”, where and who do you get your design influences from?

My work is inspired by an amalgamation of my Asian cultural background and my London lifestyle. I like to create high-end accessories with an urban, ethnic edge. 

Your previous jewellery designs are very edgy, colourful and play with texture. Does this reflect your personal style?

Yes it definitely does, I usually wear dark black/greys and browns but always have to have a splash of colour thrown in and not to mention accessories!

Do you believe jewellery to be more important or equal to clothing, in terms of expressing yourself and personal style?

Accessories can make a boring outfit amazing and expressive! I feel my outfits are based around the accessories I chose to wear. 

Having recently graduated from Loughborough with a degree in textile design, what does the future hold for you?

I’m looking into studying a MA in Fashion Accessories in London and develop my own wearable jewellery range to sell online. 

What advice would you give to someone trying to become involved within the fashion industry?

I would say persevere, network and build contacts as much as you can, market your work and style as much as possible and never give up!

What is the best advice you have been given in your time at Loughborough?

“The crazier the better! Create a crazy wild piece Anisha!”

To see more of Anisha’s designs and inspirations visit Anisha’s tumblr at www.anishaparmar.tumblr.comor her website www.apcouture.co.uk


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