Situated between Algeria and Libya, Tunisia is home to 40% of the Sahara Desert. This makes sure the climate is far from cold, reaching over 40 degrees in June and July. With packages provided by the leading holiday companies Thomson, First Choice and Thomas Cook, excursions allow visitors to travel the entire country, witnessing the enormity of the Sahara Desert that really takes your breath away.

Out and about

The North of the country is popular with tourists; offering all inclusive hotels, on the beach restaurants as well as a lively and exotic nightlife. The sun rises over the desert at 5am; so whether you are after an invigoratingly early morning or are still stumbling back from the night before it is something you will remember for your entire life. For those thrill seekers out there, the 4×4 jeep chases around the Sahara Desert are truly exhilarating. Riding over sand dunes and rock faces create that feeling that you’re on a constant rollercoaster.

Tunisia’s traditional markets are just a taxi ride away from most resorts and convey the reality of living in the country. Selling local produce such as ceramics, spices and handmade jewellery, you’re never short of somewhere to buy authentic gifts. Warning: Haggling with the merchant is compulsory if you do not want to get ripped off!

Chilling Out

 If you’re looking for relaxation Tunisia is a golden location. With resorts that back onto the sandy golden beaches and the warm Mediterranean Sea, it really couldn’t be more idyllic. Whole days can be spent soaking up the sun whilst absorbed in a book or just sitting back and enjoying doing absolutely nothing.

 Nevertheless, if you’re still looking for excitement the beaches also offer water sports such as, jet skiing, paragliding and banana boats (a real laugh with a group of friends).

What to be wary of:

Firstly, the food provided on the majority of the excursions will be from local sources and doesn’t always agree with the western stomach. Therefore, if out on trips avoid meat and glass bottles of water as it is likely they would have been filled up by the taps which can cause illness.

Secondly, whilst on the beach or out in public people will try and sell you things. If you want to buy, brilliant, haggle your way to the best price. If not, just say no and they will leave you alone eventually! This can often happen not just at the market but at all local stores out of the hotel and with taxi drivers- you should be looking to get the price at 40% lower than the original offer.

However Tunisia is surprisingly cheap, with £100 equating to just less than 250 dinar that will last a long time when visiting all inclusive or half board. You cannot exchange sterling for dinar anywhere but Tunisia and I would advise that you exchange it in the hotel as the Tunisian airports have extortionate commission rates.


Overall, this stunning African country makes for a fantastic holiday destination suitable for families, couples and groups of friends with countless things to do. The people are extremely friendly and inviting, ensuring the experience is thoroughly enjoyable. On your travels you can become Lawrence of Arabia for the day or just lie in the sea and read a book. That’s the thing about Tunisia- the choice is yours.


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