Grace Meritt has been announced as the new Label Magazine Editor by Head of Media Elect Natasha Cox this morning. Meritt will take over from current Editor Jago Pearson after the last issue of Label which is out on June 8.

Meritt has promised a "different" Label in the year ahead but hopes to "take all the positives out of Label this year" and clarified that "different is never a bad thing."

Other members of the 2012/13 Media Senate which have also been released include; Jago Pearson as Assistant Head of Media, Connor Pearce as LSUTV Station Manager and Matt Peat as LCR Station Manager.

Meritt told Label:

"I’m extremely happy and excited to be taking over from Jago in the role as Label Editor. I have lots of ideas and enthusiasm for the section as a whole and, although the next year may be an interesting and challenging one for mediain general, my experience as a Features sub-editor this year means I have the right skill set to do a good job in the role."

"I hope to take all the positives that have come out of Label this year while also injecting my own style and humour into the magazine – things may be slightly different, but different is never a bad thing!"

Outgoing Editor, Jago Pearson, said:

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Label Editor and think Grace will do a fantastic job in driving the publication forward. She has demonstrated over the last 12 months that she is absolutely the right person for the job and I look forward to seeing Label being taken to new heights under her Editorship.

"We have achieved a lot this year but for me and many other members of the current editorial team its onto pastures new. Label will continue to improve and push the boundaries of student print media and its been a pleasure to be in charge of such a fantastic magazine."

Meanwhile, Head of Media Elect, Natasha Cox explained:

"There was such a high calibre of students that put themselves forward. It was exciting to see the passion and enthusiasm they had for media, which made my job of deciding between them increadibly difficult."

"The thoughts and ideas that came to light from those being interviewed is truly exciting for the development of the Media Centre next year. I wish I could take everybody onto committee, but I hope I get the opportunity to work with all the applicants throughout the year as all media volunteers are invaluble."

The new section heads will be conducting interviews throughout the next week to determine the rest of their committees for the upcoming year.


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