Leaflets have been distributed throughout Leicestershire informing residents of expected road disruptions prior to the Olympic Torch relay dress rehearsal which will take place on Friday April 20. 

The guide aims to outline the route that will be taken and warn local residents of planned closures; advising them to plan ahead.

The 80-mile rehearsal beginning at the Space Centre in Leicester will mimic the path the torch is to take on July 3. The event is designed to test convoy, crew and communication procedures and will see the unlit torch travel through this local stretch of the route; passing through Loughborough and surrounding areas before finishing the day in Peterborough.

The public are being asked to avoid driving along the route during the rehearsal and residents are requested to remove parked vehicles whilst the convoy takes place.

Leicestershire County Council stated public transport will also be affected during the procession; with roads taking on a rolling closure system to minimise any impact on travel times.

Council cabinet member Ernie White said: "I'm delighted Leicestershire has been chosen to host this prestigious event and it's a unique opportunity to showcase the area to a national audience.

"It's important to stress that with an event of this size, traffic disruption is inevitable but the approach is designed to minimise hold ups and ensure that the event keeps to schedule.”

The Olympic flame arrives in the UK on May 18 to embark on its 70-day journey beginning at Land's End, Cornwall the following morning.

800 torchbearers comprising of nominees, athletes and celebrities will see it is passed through 1,018 locations throughout the UK along with visiting Dublin en route the Games Opening Ceremony on July 27.


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