Union Hustings saw each candidate received a question from the current Executive member, one from their opponent and two from the floor, however each answer was limited to 60 seconds only.

Max Turner, who’s running for the position of Rag Chair, stated in his two minute speech that he does not intend to make any drastic changes due to the section being successful already. In response to a question about marketing, he pointed out that Rag’s budget is limited but believes that sponsorship deals can be used to increase it.

Up next were the candidates running for SocFed President and Aisling O’Donnell was the first one to speak. O’Donnell emphasised the importance of her ‘Start Up’ pack and wants to hold regular meetings with those in charge of university facilities to encourage interaction.

Claud Williams focused on visual communications and training but believes that looking into potential sponsorship can lead to more funding. The third candidate Sophie Sanders, wants to increase societies’ showcases and aims to build and strengthen the relationships between societies.
The candidates questioned each other about innovation, society trips and ‘Start Up’ packs. Claud claimed there were already thousands of creative students in Loughborough ‘‘we just need to speak to them’’. Doubts about the ‘Start Up’ pack were made, but O’Donnell said that it would be a joint pack including advice from all societies.

The next candidate was Action Chair candidate Billy Marsh who explained the importance of tailoring volunteering to students. To increase recognition Marsh is looking to social enterprises and local businesses can make volunteering more relevant.

Media candidate Fran Scambler said that she wants to reinforce relationships with halls and TSF by increasing effective communication. She also aims to work closely with the head of marketing to promote the media centre as a whole.

Natasha Cox had similar ideas and wishes to enhance the Student Experience by getting more volunteers involved and providing them with improved training.

Asked for their views on Why I Hate Elections, Cox stressed the importance of student voice but thinks that some things have to be censored in order to prevent unnecessary distress for students. Fran agreed with Cox and believes everyone has the right to comment on a piece which reflects a student’s opinion.

Nicola Keenan who is running again Lewis Timms to be AU President believes that promotion is key, especially when it comes to recreational sport. She also explained that it is important to make IMS consistent and open it up to as many people as possible.

Timms’s started his speech by stressing the importance of showcasing Loughborough Sport and like Keenan he believes that IMS can get more publicity by working with WoW and Label Sport.

Adam Rae asks the candidates a real life scenario question: ‘’Martial Arts have been moved into an area two thirds the size and other facilities are not available, what do you do?’’ Keenan explained that she would look further afield for facilities.

Timms stated that the solution to the problem lies within timetabling and making use of time effectively to ensure each and every club has access to high quality training facilities.

VP Welfare and Diversity candidate Georgie Court explained in her speech that she wants to advertise the existing professional help and focus on translating lufbra.net into more language and to promote Experience the World.

David Haines opened his speech with the statistic that a quarter of students experience mental health problems and went on to talk about his experience which amongst others includes being a Hall Chair and being on the SocFed committee.

Also running for this position is Jack Heskett who wants to create a LSU welfare brand and website. He stated that he intends to work closely with the new Town Development Officer and introduce welfare sessions with hall committees.

When asked how they would deal with problems like eating disorders, Haines explained that he would encourage talking about the issue. Court stated that a listening ears programme run for students by students would help while Heskett explained that the sensitive and personal issue should be dealt with carefully.

Rory Mitchell, VP Finance candidate, wants to invest Union’s money available carefully. Regarding funding cuts Mitchell responded by saying it is possible to increase funding by getting commercial sponsors. He also reassured the audience that his cashless card system is a long term solution completely worthy of long term investment.

Matthew Jones, VP Education candidate, spoke about a new streamlined system to increase education representation and reworking the student charter.

His opponent, Lazar Zindovic, will strive to realise the module feedback and the recording of lectures. Zindovic replied to a question from Jones by stating that, with regards to module feedback, lecturers should take into account the amount of money students pay.

The question from Zindovic to Jones was: ‘‘How would you implement 20 different Student Charter’s for different departments?’’ Jones replied that the Student Charter is open to an annual review and that creating one section which is specific to each department would be the best solution.

The candidate running for VP Democracy and Communications is Ali Cole who wants to restructure, Union Council by making council bigger and simplifying the language.

Cole replied to the question, ‘‘How would you emphasise that the student elections should be fun and are open to anyone?’’ by pointing out that in order to maximise opportunity the Union need to make it simple to run, a series of videos or guide books could help here.

Shahid was the first Union President candidate to give his speech. He aims to decrease the pressure on student pockets, to introduce cheaper travel across campus and lower accommodation costs for students.

Ellie Read closed the evening with a speech about increasing executive presence and supporting halls, societies and departments.

Rebecca Bridger asked both candidates what students should expect from the Union next year. Read believes that despite some students are paying more, those paying less should not be undermined. Shahid stressed the important of balancing the needs of both freshers and returners; wanting everyone to be involved.

The third and final Hustings of the 2012 elections will take place on Sunday in the Media Centre.


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