Ali Cole described the decision to limit the number of questions and the length of answers at Union Hustings as “interesting” when he came off stage and spoke to Loughborough Campus Radio (LCR) on Tuesday.

The VP Democracy and Communications candidate commented on the the recent Label Online blog which stressed how important the Union Hustings would be saying:

“The first line he [Label writer Andrew Lawton] said was, ‘a good turnout will show that sweets and other things are unnecessary,’ I agree with him if students and the guys giving their opinions on the article [Why I Hate Elections] really hold true what they’re saying then this room should have been packed out if students”

Room One wasn’t however, full to capacity, and many students left during the ten minute interlude. Cole continued by stating:

“It confirmed what I already knew. That students don’t like manifestos they don’t bother with manifestos it’s a real shame its needs to be improved. It gives me something to aim for and next year i want this room to be buzzing with people.”

Cole, who is uncontested, described what he would do next year, if elected, by telling LCR:

“I’d make sure the promotion for this event was huge, make sure that every single person on campus had heard a whisper or a conversation or seen a logo or a branding. I want everyone to know about it.”

When asked about another Label article about the decision of Acting Returning Officer, Pete Child’s decision to restrict questions from the floor to two and length of time to answer questions to just 60 seconds, Cole described the decision as “interesting”, explaining:

“The decision to limit the number and the time we got to respond was an interesting one. I agree that students don’t want to sit here for hours and listen to people ramble on, especially uncontested but also I believe that I really wanted the chance to speak for longer and answer more questions.”

Finally, when asked about the night overall, the ex-Towers Hall Chair concluded “maybe some harsher ones [questions] would be nice.”

The next big test for Cole will be at Media Hustings which takes place on Sunday and you can email your questions for any of the candidates to host Jago Pearson


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