I'd thought I'd start my blog this afternoon with some light relief amidst the furore created by a student expressing a non-conformist opinion on elections. Billy 'Wonka' Marsh, the sole candidate for Action Chair, could not campaign this morning as his trousers weren't dry. Oh the student life.

In this year's elections, four of the ten positions are uncontested. That isn't great for any election as by their very description, there is no contest and so in reality, the candidates' success is a fait au complet. However,  is it a big issue in this particular case?

The four candidates for Democracy, Finance, Rag and Action each have incredibly good credentials. In previous editions of this editorial, I have expressed my opinion that Ali Cole is the strongest of all of them, but Rory Mitchell, Billy Marsh and Max Turner each have extensive Union experience and all seemed obvious executive members well before nominations opened. 

Debates in recent weeks and months have revolved around how to increase the quality of Loughborough's democracy. Whether that is about sweets, hustings or the media's role, to have that debate is right and healthy in order to maintain and improve the 'Loughborough Experience'.

It is a big disappointment that these four candidates aren't being challenged to the degree of others, but in my opinion, we can all be comfortable that they will do a great job when, inevitably, they are elected.


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