VP Welfare candidate David Haines has told Label that Union Hustings tomorrow night should be “brilliant.”

Haines spoke to Label and said; “I genuinely love Hustings. It gives candidates an actual opportunity to talk about what they aim to achieve and to talk about their manifestos. And it’s more reflective of how they will perform in the job than perhaps the rest of the campaign period.”

When Label asked if there should be more Hustings, Haines replied enthusiastically: “I love there to be more Hustings.”

“I would love the week to contain Hustings each night and have a large 90 minute debate between every candidate on each role in order to get everyone’s real ideas. But it’s impractical for 20,000 students to be able to watch such a thing.”

Haines acknowledged Alice Ward’s Label article ‘Why I Hate Elections’ admitting there is “a lot of disagreement about the effectiveness of how we currently run the elections.”

“We could not do a job interview format because of the 1994 education act […] and so it’s the best method we currently run and it has evolved so you could not have it in any other way basically.”

David Haines is currently competing against Georgie ‘Colourful’ Court and current Welfare Officer Jack ‘TinTin’ Heskett for the position for VP Welfare and Diversity.


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