Natasha Cox, running for Head of Media, stated that “it’s been brilliant walking around and seeing [her] banner and posters up” and that the reactions walking around campus were “very funny and it’s been really lovely just to get to meet people.”

Her costume and campaign is based on the theme of ‘Captain Cox’ and she said that “we went with a sailor” and “our symbol is the lifesaving ring.”

Natasha is running against Francesca Scambler to replace Anie Davis in the Media Centre. Her manifesto is focused on four key areas; marketing, training, closer links to media hall reps and increasing opportunities available to students.

Label asked how she planned to increase people’s awareness. She mentioned bringing opportunities to the students and putting “shows in different situations around campus – little things to prompt people to really get the awareness up.”

Natasha has been involved in media since the start of her Loughborough career. As Head of Human Resources at LSUTV, she has had experience with looking after all the volunteers. Talking about the poster dash on Monday, she said that it was “absolutely mental but structured and fantastic.” She said that she was most looking forward to the EHB hustings that would be a little more “informal, relaxed and friendly.”


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