Matt ‘Indiana’ Jones, candidate for the position of VP Education, has told Label that he is keen to work with other candidates to improve his chances of being elected.

Jones informed Label that, “In terms of allegiances, me and [Lewis] Timms have been going around a lot together because we found out as a pair we can work really well and our campaigns are mingling really well.”

Despite campaigning together, Jones clarified that “we have not formed a team together but we have been going around together the past couple of days and it seems to be working.”

When asked if this was a dangerous tactic, the ex Bill Mo Hall Chair responded with “it is all a little bit political. I like to think when I am with someone I am running my own campaign.”

Jones said that he has “been around with other people as well” such as Georgie ‘Colourful’ Court as well as others that he did not specify.

His other campaign tactics include “hitting halls and reaching out to AU Clubs.” He also said that his campaign teams were “mainly a close group of friends that I can really trust and understand and extending from that I have got a campaign team of other friends.”

Jones also hinted to Label that he has “big plans” in store next week which he would not reveal as it would “ruin the surprise.”

Jones also spoke to Label about his opposition, Lazar ‘Laz Vegas’ Zindovic, by saying that he is a “great guy” and has been a “really good gentleman” towards him. Both are competing for the role of VP Education over the next two of weeks. 


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