Georgie 'Colourful' Court, candidate for VP Welfare and Diversity, has expressed her excitement at the Development Officer position being upgraded to a full time role.

Speaking to Label this evening, she said:

"[I'm] really excited [about the position being given VP status], it is full time in other universities but i think its needed here. We definitely need to start representing those that are underrepresented such as international students. I'm glad to see it become full time, the general wellbeing of students altogether is the most important thing."

She also told us of her upcoming plans for her campaign:

"We’re doing a colourful kissing booth at Hey Ewe tomorrow, face painting tonight and giving out free condoms , we’ve got a lucky dip outside the EHB, we’re doing chlamydia screening in the EHB on Monday [and] we may have a flashmob planned at some point this week so got a few good things under my belt."

Court, who is up against Jack 'TinTin' Heskett and David 'Pokemon' Haines, has outlined her vision for student drop-in sessions if she's elected.

"I would like to make sure I do a tea and talk drop in service, a listening ears programme and a buddy service. Something that I found I struggled with when I got to Uni was not having someone that was bridging the gap between sixth form and university, not having someone there to go through referencing and books and all my academic struggles. Setting up things like that will make that easier, a drop in service not necessarily with professionals but with someone like myself who’s a student hopefully would be more approachable."

Of her competitors, the former Falk-Egg Hall Chair said:

"Obviously you’ve got Jack, who probably knows more about the position because he’s done it to some extent this last year but me and Dave are going for it as well. I think we’re all fairly similar people in a sense, we just want to get on and focus and get stuck in."


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