Matt ‘Indiana’ Jones, VP Education candidate, today told Label how he’s listening to the students he’s been speaking to on his travels around campus during elections.

Jones has received feedback on “particular modules and particular departments, people having problems getting coursework back and coursework deadlines been really good to finding out specific problems that people have been having.”

Jones, who is HSF Vice Chair and ex-Bill Mo Hall Chair, explained how he would react to the comments should he be successful in gaining the position:

“Increases in publicity but at the same time making sure people understand the reasons in needs to be increased. The reason is, so that people’s modules can be improved, and departments can be improved through that feedback.”

Module feedback was a major talking point across campus back in November when lecturers refused to release details of module feedback to the student body.

Elsewhere, Jones outlined his plans to make changes to the Student Charter which details the relationship between students and the university, stating:

“At the moment I think its way too general and it encompasses all the departments when certain aspects of the charter are unrealistic for certain departments.  It’s difficult to make that all the same for different departments, I want to separate that and makes sure it’s relevant to the departments.”

Matt Jones is running against Lazar Zindovic for the position of Vice President of Education.


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