Ali ‘Star’ Cole, who is the sole candidate for the VP Democracy and Communications position, reacted to being uncontested today by saying he was “disappointed”.

The ex-Towers Hall Chair continued by saying, “I was disappointed because I really don’t want to get the position because I’m uncontested, it’s very rare that a candidate gets no candidated, I’m still making all the effort I can”.

Despite being uncontested, Cole was still in bullish mood ahead of a fortnight of campaigning saying:

“[I want to] prove I deserve the position and don’t just get it by default. I don’t want people to go, ‘He only got it because he was uncontested’ which is the main priority. But yeah disappointed but excited still, still committing myself to it, it doesn’t really matter in my eye, I’m just going to smash it out.”

With the first full day of campaigning almost complete, Cole described how he was finding the process thus far, “[I’ve] thoroughly enjoyed them, it’s a unique experience, a busy busy day, I’m exhausted but I’m getting used to the long hours”.

Asked what he thought about the current state of Loughborough’s democracy, Cole told Label; “I don’t believe that council represents students yet. It needs to be more representative.”


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