Campaigning under the name David ‘Pokemon’ Haines, the Vice President: Welfare and Diversity candidate has told Label about some of his aspirations for the newly created Executive role. The candidate aims to:

– Increase student awareness and support for welfare with the introduction of an AIR (Affliates, International and Returners) position on both departmental and hall committees.

– Introduce the campaign ‘Changing Perceptions’ within the University; inviting students to share issues from study to sexual health thus providing a platform toward mutual respect and understanding.

– Form an 'International Federation’ within the union in order to encourage greater competition, interaction and support between both native and foreign students.

When quizzed on how he aims to grab the attention of students and their votes, Haines told us:

“Aside from the traditional poster-dashing, sweet giving rounds I aim to try and teach people how to juggle as well as provide cups of tea. I feel that it is essential to engage with the students; guiding them toward achievement and personal empowerment is imperative so an honest and simple campaign is what I am aiming for.”

The candidate stands out in a striking Yellow Pikachu style Morph suit, meant to symbolise “the concept of identity and the deception that can often come with the immediate appearance of someone.” Admittedly intent on improving student welfare specifically, Haines wishes to widen the perceptions of all students so to diminish isolation and increase representation.

The candidate describes himself as having “much respect” for fellow opponents Jack ‘TinTin’ Heskett and Georgie ‘Colourful’ Court as a result of the great involvement all three have had in university life so far. Haines wishes them “the best of luck with their campaigns and with Welfare and Diversity in the University itself.”




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