Natasha Captain Cox is running for the position of Head of Media and has told Label tonight of her love for all things Media, and how she “really wants to give back to the students and held the section progress”.

Captain Cox describes choosing a campaign theme and name the most difficult part of planning, “there’s not really much you could do with my name!”

She feels she “stands a very good chance” of winning but states that both her and her opponent, Fran Scrambler have “a great hall background which offers a great following and support.”

“I have an absolutely fantastic team behind me; my housemates have been unreal over the last week, planning everything down to a tee.

“We’ve got some good little ideas to watch out for over the next couple of weeks.”

Cox added that it may be the effectiveness of each candidates campaigning that makes the difference, and “who gets their face out there the most. I think that might be what sways it in this one.”

Natasha Captain Cox is running against Francesca Scambler for the position of Head of Media. 


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