Rag Chair Candidate, Max ‘Timelord’ Turner has told Label that he wants to encourage an “open door policy to all students” as one of his key aims in his manifesto.

“There are over 16,000 students here and I’m sure they all have great charities that they want to support,” he said.

Turner also wants to improve how Rag is marketed at the moment. He claims that “Rag does not reach nearly enough people at the university and I think that is something we can improve if we work with media, the union and marketing.”

When asked about being uncontested, he says that his “bank balance feels a mighty relief.” He then talked about his financial strategy towards his campaign by declaring: “I think that there are a lot of things that I can do without spending money.”

Turner is basing him theme around Doctor Who and was enthusiastic about handing out “flying saucers to match the Doctor Who theme.”


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