On running for the VP Education position, Lazar 'Laz Vegas' Zindovic told Label:

“I just have such a big passion for education, I want to impact people’s lives; I want to improve their Loughborough experience academically.”

Zindovic has a plethora of past experience ranging from being on Rigg-Rut committee, being Vice Chair of the Geography Department and being involved with the Town Students Federation (TSF). He stated that this will place him in a good position. 

Zindovic has exclusively told Label to watch out for many exciting elements to his campaign, including a flash mob, which became very popular throughout last year’s campaign, “expect big things from Laz Vegas!!”

He also mentioned how he has been unable to sleep due to the excitement of the campaign, and promises to not let the campaign get in the way of his academic work, “I aim to still attend every single lecture…my academic level will remain at what it should.”

Lazar ‘Laz Vegas’ Zindovic is running against Matt ‘Indiana’ Jones for the position of VP Education. 


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