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• Full report on the news that Starbucks are opening a franchise on campus

• Label Editor meets Union Vice President – Pete Childs democracy exclusive

• War Horse – Label Meets Spielberg, his cast and his crew

• New Year, New You – the Style team with A-Z of 2012 fashion

• Label Loves… Ed Sheeran. We feature the 20 year old sensation

• A roundup of all the winter sport so far



Editor's Pick:

‘Big Student Survey’, Grace Merritt and Stephanie Waind

"Label exclusively reveals all the information you need on the love life of Loughborough’s university students.

Sex: a topic vastly covered by the media, sniggered at when discussed with parents and sometimes lied about by ‘lads’ in games of ‘I have never’. Well now, with a few quick questions and anonymity guaranteed, Label found out the truth behind the sex lives and relationships of Loughborough University campus.

We surveyed over 330 Loughborough students and, of those who took part, 53% were female and 47% male. The students asked were from all academic years, ranging from freshers right up to alumni and PhD students, with a range of different backgrounds and university lives." [contd. Pg. 16)

To read more, pick up Issue Seven of the magazine from January 27.


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