Faraday Hall Chair Ellie Read is calling for Faraday students to take action against what she has called a "serious issue" with accomodation providers Imago. In an open letter on Facebook to her hall, Read explained her desire to "address this for you all".

The principal issue for Faraday students seems to be, as highlighted in the open letter; "[the] quality of the food is terrible and it's not rare for meals to run out. Meanwhile, our accommodation fees just keep increasing."

Read is frustrated by the lack of communication she has been able to get with Imago thus far stating; "several of you quite frequently write comment cards in the dining hall however it seems that these are easily ignored, or responded to and simply disregarded."

On the 'Faraday Events 2011-12' Facebook page, Read and Dmitri Ratnayake believe positive steps must be taken to get Imago's attention on the issue. 

Read states; 'If everyone who feels affected by this writes a letter about how they feel regarding the issues with the catering and the prices we pay (as well as other issues we've had to deal with this year such as no hot water/internet etc). I can then present imago with all these letters (hopefully there will be a lot) and they will then have no choice but to seriously start listening to what it is we are saying and review their catering quality and high prices."

As well as the hope that many students will write "polite but to the point" letters that can be presented to Imago, the Faraday Hall Chair also hopes to get rival hall Royce on board as they also use the same dining room.

The Facebook message has already received 76 likes in just two hours online.


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