The festive season is fast approaching and minds are turning to Christmas holidays, imminent departures from the bubble and, crucially, what to buy our loved ones for Christmas. With that in mind, have you ever thought of taking a little Loughborough magic home for your nearest and dearest? Loughborough might have more to offer than you think, even for the hard to please.

For those with a sweet tooth, what treat could be more typically Loughborough than some Toms Fudge?  Amongst their selection of delicious flavours there is sure to be something to tempt you. What’s more, in the run up to Christmas the wonderful TOMS will be offering a boxed selection of fudge which would make the perfect gift for those with a taste for the sweeter things in life.

If fudge isn’t your thing then don’t forget the delights of the Chocolate Alchemy. Located in town just round the corner from The Rushes shopping centre in Church Gate Mews, this hidden gem offers a range of beautiful, and rather delicious, handmade chocolates which are sure to impress! Or if you’re feeling generous, splash out on a chocolate or brownie making experience. But of course you couldn’t possibly let your loved ones go alone…

However, if you’re after a gift which might last a little longer- because we know those are too tempting to stick around long – don’t despair; look no further than the Union Shop. Probably not your first thought when it comes to Christmas shopping, but it does hide a few novelty gifts.

If you’re looking to buy for young siblings or family members, the rather cute tops embossed with the slogan ‘When I grow up I want to graduate at Loughborough University’ might prove a novel choice for the next generation of Loughborough students. Or perhaps you know a tough man who could prove his worth by embracing a pair of Loughborough flip flops – whatever the weather! Don’t forget the array of lovely, not to mention rather comfy, stash available and perfect for your loved ones to snuggle up in this winter.

Failing all of the above, head to the Accommodation Centre where you’ll find Loughborough teddy bears and meerkats. Rather cute if nothing else! And with a little bit of luck and a sprinkling of Loughborough love, you’ll soon have your Christmas shopping all sewn up. 


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