The Autumn/Winter 2011 catwalks started it, the high-street has taken it on in a big way, and men and women everywhere are beginning to look smarter and sharper; there is no doubt about it, the return of the gentleman is back.

Both men and women can embrace this ‘gentlemanly’ look, with ‘androgyny’ being the key term of the fashion season. Whilst it is literally defined as ‘somebody who does not fit into masculine or feminine gender roles’, catwalks have strongly adopted this sense of sexual ambiguity with women’s styles becoming influenced by the masculine, and men dressing in a much cleaner, sharper way, over several seasons.

The trend is not a new one; it been gracing our wardrobes throughout history. Following women’s liberation, the 1920’s saw women becoming more comfortable with their new-found social status, sporting trousers and less fitted styles. Katherine Hepburn and Coco Chanel continued along these lines, with the infamous ‘Chanel suit’ making history and allowing women to be inspired by men, whilst still regaining their own sense of femininity.

Men too have been wearing polished looks throughout the decades, with the 20’s and 30’s seeing suits, tuxedos and canes becoming popular, whilst the rise of the teddy-boy in the fifties, and a brief revival in the seventies prove that smart looks are constantly on-trend.

2011 is no exception. The Autumn/Winter catwalks were dominated by this masculine-feminine trend. Ralph Lauren kept the look classic with braces, tweed blazers and macs, whilst Dolce and Gabbana sported tailored tuxedos embellished with jewel-coloured sequins for a feminine edge. The wide variety of manipulations on the androgynous look exhibited by the designers’ shows just how accessible the trend can be.

Turning to our current celebrity society, we can see these masculine styles everywhere. Scott Disick and David Beckham both exude a suave, gentlemanly look, whilst Alexa Cheung and Agyness Deyn may be seen as the epitome of androgyny with their respectively tailored/smart and rough ‘n’ ready chiseled styles.

Getting the look is all about getting the balance right. Women should focus on a subdued sex-appeal in tailored power-dressing, whilst men need to look to the primped teddy-boys of the fifties for inspiration. An important thing to remember is that it is not cross-dressing, but instead more of a subtle ‘gender-blending’, in which inspiration rather than actual pieces are taken from the opposite sex.

So how can you recreate this look yourself? By following our top tips, Loughborough’s men and women alike will soon be rocking the pivotal trend of this season.


Guy can reveal their fashion conscious by:

· Shaving, as movember draws to an end the clean-shaven look accentuates the chiselled masculine jaw.

· Put a velvet jacket on your Christmas list, Topman have a wide variety of them and experimenting with softer material will broaden your wardrobe.

· Accessorize use scarves, belts and braces. Most formal accessories are easy to be found in vintage shops or department stores such a John Lewis. A simple tweed flat cap would complete a look ( have an unparalleled number of choices).

· Be Bold, Kourtney Kardashian’s partner Scott Disick is the epitome of the gentleman and carries a cane to appear even more suave.


Girls can blend androgyny into their look by:

· Wearing a partly see-through blouse or sheer top, invest in a bandeau or a triangle bra, this will instantly update your look. Try Urban Outfitters for a range of underwear, less padding is more.

· Invest in trousers, which are an absolute must in these cold months; Zara has a variety of different coloured high-waisted cropped trousers.

· Focus on the neck whether it is a studded or peter pan collar, bow ties or bows, so button up and dazzle.

· Top it off with a felt bowler hat, no back brushing needed.


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