Frankie Cocozza, the mop-haired rock star who has split the nation has been kicked off the X Factor.  It appears that the cocky Frankie has gone too far with his bad habits; boasting about his cocaine use to production staff on the show. 

After weeks and weeks of constant partying, alcohol abuse and sleeping with a multitude of women, Cocozza was labelled as just high-spirited by the production team, however he has now broken a ‘golden-rule’ of X Factor, and has been axed from the competition. 

 The 19 year old star was already being investigated by Ofcom, with more than 100 complaints from viewers that Frankie was promoting alcohol-abuse and, more specifically, that he swore on stage before the 9pm watershed, yelling ‘****ing have it, get in there’ on October 23, when expressing his surprise at staying in the competition. Surprise that was shared by many.

Frankie has issued an apology in light of his exit from the show, in which he said “I’d like to apologise to Gary, my fellow contestants and everyone who has voted for me”.  He continued to say he had “gone out of control” and that he no longer deserved his place in the show.  A statement from the show said they “wished him all the best for his future.”

The news comes just days after Frankie escaped elimination after a performance of The Black Eyed Peas’ I’ve Gotta Feeling that was unanimously slated by the judges, with Louis telling him “that was really bad karaoke and I don’t know how you’re still here”.  His following comments of “you’re not a rock star, you’ll never be a rock star and the only big thing about you is your hair” led to Louis and Gary having a slanging match, with Gary yelling “Get back in your cage!” on live TV. 

Almost as amusingly, Kelly then suggested that Frankie needed to “work on his singing” as it was the only thing letting him down.  Glad to know that a singing competition retains at least some focus on the actual vocal talent of its contestants.

 As the tabloids fill with stories of Frankie’s long term drug use, some of the population will be glad that Cocozza is no longer in the competition.  The X Factor production team will announce who, if anybody, will replace Frankie this Saturday, with rumours circulating that Johnny Robinson might return after being eliminated last week.


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