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17:00 – That's all for this afternoon. Pretty successful afternoon for the Loughborough sides all in all. Remember to tune in from 7pm to LSUTV for The Big Match – Loughborough 1s vs Leeds Met Carnegie 1s in the Rugby League. See you next time!

Fencing – Mens 1s 135 – 88 St Andrews 1s

Football – Mens 4s 2 – 2 Bedford 3s (Bedford won on penalties)

Golf – Mens 1s 2.5 – 3.5 Birmingham 1s

Golf – Mens 2s 4.5 – 1.5 Warwick 1s

Hockey – Mens 2s 0 – 3 Liverpool JM 1s

Hockey – Mens 4s 3 – 0 Harper Adams 1s

Lacrosse – Womens 2s 17 – 0 Aberdeen 2s

Rugby League – Mens 2s 34 – 32 Oxford 1s

Rugby Union – Mens 1s 46 – 12 Northumbria 1s

Rugby Union – Mens 2s 54 – 0 Oxford Brookes 2s

Rugby Union – Mens 3s 17 – 31 Worcester 1s

16:47 – All games have now come to a close. A classfied list of the results that have reached us coming up shortly.

16:37 – Finally a chance to take a breather in the studio! What an afternoon it has been on what we thought would be a relatively quiet afternoon. Oh, how we've been proved wrong!

16:32 – Incredible game at Holywell. After a quiet first 90 minutes it came alive in extra-time and Bedford pip it on penalties.

Penalty Shoot-Out (Loughborough 4s vs Bedford, Conference Cup, Holywell Pitch)

Loughborough 4 – 5 Bedford (BEDFORD WIN ON PENALTIES)

Loughborough 4 – 4 Bedford (Loughborough Miss!)

Loughborough 4 – 4 Bedford (Going to Sudden-Death)

Loughborough 4 – 3 Bedford

Loughborough 3 – 3 Bedford (Bedford Miss!)

Loughborough 3 – 3 Bedford

Loughborough 2 – 3 Bedford

Loughborough 2 – 2 Bedford (Loughborough Miss!)

Loughborough 2 – 2 Bedford

Loughborough 2 – 1 Bedford

Loughborough 1 – 1 Bedford

Loughborough 1 – 0 Bedford

16:21 – Full Time after Extra Time at Holywell. Loughborough 4s vs Bedford is going to penalties.

16:19 – Bedford strike back with an extra-time equaliser with a screamer from the edge of the box. That Conference Cup encounter looks like its going to penalties. Well deserved for the visitors, says Mike Woodard on LCR.

16:18 – GOAL! (Loughborough 2 – 2 Bedford)

16:15 – Two more results have made their way to us in the LCR studio on this fantastic afternoon of BUCS action. In the fencing, the Mens 1s have beaten St Andrews 135-88 and in the rugby union, the Mens 2s smashed Worcester 1s at the Loughborough Town pitch by 54 points to nil.

16:08 – Everytime LCR switch over to Mike Woodard at the football there seems to some action. This time Loughborough hit the post and they are holding onto their 2-1 advantage as the second-half of extra-time continues.

16:06 – News from Oxford; Loughborough Women's Football 2s have ran out 6-1 winners and go into the last-16 of the cup competition.

16:03 – This afternoon's BUCS Live action is turning into an absolute cracker. Epic sporting action from all four corners of campus. Remember, listen into LCR for the next hour as the final scores trickle in.

15:59 – Final whistle at Holywell. Loughborough beat Oxford 34-32 – unbelievable encounter in that rugby league clash between Loughborough's 2s and Oxford's 1st XIII.

15:57 – GOAL! Incredible stuff in the football. Just as Bedford hit the bar, Loughborough take a 2-1 lead. That game has suddenly come alive after a pretty underwhelming first 90 minutes.

15:56 – Extra-time continues in the Conference Cup. Bedford hit the woodwork while Michael Woodard is talking live to Joe on LCR. Still 1-1.

15:54 – TRY! Loughborough retake the lead in the rugby league. 34-32 now to the home side. Topsy turvy action in undoubtedly the game of the afternoon!

15:52 – Confirmation of the rugby union final score. 49-12 to Loughborough and Northumbria are sent back up north having been on the end of a severe drubbing. 

15:50 – What a game we have on our hands in the rugby league this afternoon and what an appetiser to this evening's Big Match against Leeds Met in the same sport. Loughborough with an unconverted try and they close the gap to 28-32.

15:45 – Full time at Holywell in the Conference Cup football. Extra-time just about getting underway after Loughborough managed to claw back Bedford's 1-0 advantage.

15:43 – Oxford hit back once again. 24-32 and plenty of time left for Loughborough still following a late start, reports Paul WIllers on LCR.

15:39 – It doesn't get any better than this. Loughborough hit straight back with a wonderful solo try. Two points now the gap following an easy conversion. Loughborough Mens 2s 24 – 26 Oxford 1s in the rugby league. What a warm-up for tonight's Big Match this is!

15:37 – Another try in that game! Oxford score another converted try and Loughborough now really under the pump. Ten minutes to go and the scoreboard reads 18-26. The 12-0 half time advantage now well and truly overturned.

15:35 – Loughborough still adrift in the rugby league against Oxford. Two points down as it stands, 18-20.

15:33 – Michael Baker sounds pretty disappointed with the hockey. By no means a spectacle he says and Loughborough have a lot to work on despite that 3-0 win.

15:30 – Unbelievable scenes in the football! Loughborough respond immediately with a strong header at the backpost. Undeserved, says Mike Woodard but extra-time is now looking a real possibility.

15:29 – GOAL! (Loughborough 1 – 1 Bedford)

15:28 – We've been hearing all afternoon of Loughborough Football's woes at Holywell. They are now a goal down in that Conference Cup game against Bedford.

15:27 – GOAL! (Loughborough 0 – 1 Bedford)

15:24 – Three more tries in succession in the Rugby Union at Towers. 39-12 now to the home side and Loughborough have the points in the bag.

15:22 – The hockey is all over down at the Waterbase. Loughborough 4s have run out 3-0 winners and Michael Baker has made his way back into the LCR Studio. Tune in to hear his post-match review in the next couple of minutes. Harper Adams go back to Shropshire empty-handied.

15:20 – Bizarre substitutions at Holywell according to Mike Woodard from both teams. The home side are still struggling and Bedford are dominating. Outstanding performance from the Loughborough goalkeeper continues however and it remains goalless. 

15:18 – Successful conversion for Oxford. Loughborough Mens 2s 12 – 16 Oxford 1s in the rugby league.

15:16 – Second-half now underway at Holywell in the Rugby League. Oxford have scored another two tries, both against the run of play. Loughborough 12-14 down now, conversion straight in front of the posts.

15:14 – The hockey down at the Waterbase is opening up, reports Michael Baker. Harper Adams doing themselves justice and have competed against the Loughborough 4s. Having said that, they are still three goals down with around five or ten minutes remaining.

15:12 – Successful conversion takes Loughborough into a 25-7 lead.

15:11 – Bryn Wilkes has news from the rugby union. Loughborough now leading 18-7 and Northumbria have a man in the sin-bin. As he talks to Joe on LCR, the home side capitalise on their one man advantage by running in another try. Conversion straight in front of the posts.

15:09 – We will also be bringing you news of today's away games very soon.

15:03 – Loughborough 12 – 6 Oxford in the Rugby League. The 2s have conceded a try but still hold an advantage with five minutes left in the first half.

15:01 – Bryn Wilkes with news of points in the rugby. A Loughborough penalty extends their lead to 15-0 and they have now stretched their advantage to more than two converted tries over Northumbria.

14:59 – Woodwork rattled at the Waterbase. Or maybe metal? Still 3-0 in the hockey however and Loughborough dominating.

14:58 – Would be great to hear your news and views this afternoon. Email or tweet @labelonline using the #bucslive hashtag.

14:55 – Second half getting underway at Towers in the rugby. Loughborough forwards dominating the play against Northumbria. Bryn Wilkes says the home side just missed out on extending their 12-0 lead, but the full-back knocked the ball on as he crossed the try-line.

14:53 – Half time at Holywell in the football. "The worst I've seen a Loughborough side play," reports Mike Woodard. The defensive midfielder has to come off, he says and the only praise he can find for a Loughborough player is for the goalkeeper. Still 0-0 though, so anyone's game.

14:51 – It was bound to happen, wasn't it? Just as Michael Baker tells us of Harper Adams' near misses, Loughborough extend their lead to 3-0, most probably sealing victory in the process.

14:49 – GOAL! (Loughborough 4s 3 – 0 Harper Adams)

14:48 – Michael Baker reporting for LCR tells Joe that Harper Adams should be a little aggrieved not to be back in the game back at the Waterbase. A few promising chances for the visitors but Loughborough still two goals to the good, as the second half gets underway.

14:44 – The Rugby League 2s are taking on Oxford 1s this afternoon. They hold a 12-0 lead over one of the world's premier universities. I wonder whether any of those Loughborough guys would like to playing a little later on though? 

14:42 – If you can't make it down to the pitch for that one tonight, tune into LSUTV from 7pm for highlights of all of today's games and live updates from the rugby.

14:40 – Remember that this evening is Big Match Number Four! Loughborough Mens 1s Rugby League take on arch-rivals Leeds Met on the 1st XV Pitch. That kicks off at 6.30pm and I know the Athletic Union are expecting a bumper crowd.

14:36 – News from the Towers Pitch. Loughborough 1s are 12-0 up against Northumbria in the Rugby Union. Bryn Wilkes is down there for LCR.

14:29 – Below you can find a comprehensive list of this afternoon's fixtures.










BUCS Premier North

Badminton M1


Nottingham 1

2.00 pm

Badminton Centre

Badminton Centre


BUCS Premier North

Fencing M1


St Andrew's 1

12 noon

Dance Studio



BUCS Trophy last 32

Fencing M2


Oxford 2

3.00 pm

Dance Studio



BUCS Midlands Conference Cup last 128

Football M4


Bedford (Bedford) 3

2.00 pm

Holywell 5

Hockey Pav 5&6


BUCS Midlands 1A

Golf 2


Warwick 1

11.15 am

Park Hill GC


BUCS Midlands Conference Cup last 64

Hockey M4


Harper Adams 1

2.00 pm


Hockey Pav 3&4


BUCS Midlands Conference Cup last 64

Hockey W4


Bedford (Bedford) 1

3.30 pm


Hockey Pav 5&6


BUCS Trophy last 32

Lacrosse W2


Aberdeen 2

2.00 pm




BUCS Super 8

Rugby League M1


Leeds Met Carnegie 1

6.30 pm

1st XV



BUCS National South

Rugby League M2


Oxford 1

2.00 pm

Holywell 2



BUCS Premier North A

Rugby Union M1


Northumbria 1

2.00 pm


PEC 2&4


BUCS Trophy last 64

Rugby Union M2


Oxford Brookes 2

2.00 pm

Loughborough Town

Loughborough Town


BUCS Midlands 1A

Squash M2


Oxford 1

2.00 pm

EHB Squash Courts



BUCS Midlands 2A

Volleyball M2


Staffordshire 1

2.30 pm

Sir David Wallace

14:20 – BUCS Live presenter, Joe Lynskey, says that it is a relatively quiet afternoon on the BUCS front, but still plenty to wet your appetite! 

14:13 – Michael Baker reporting from the hockey on LCR. He reports that the Loughborough side are dominating possession and should have a bigger lead.

14:10 – News from the Waterbase. Loughborough Mens 4s are two goals to the good against Harper Adams in the hockey.

14:00 – Hello and welcome to BUCS Live from 2 till 5. We'll be taking you through all of this afternoon's games across campus.


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