So what do girls and guys really think of "the chase"? Are there still rules to be abided by? The only way to find out was to speak to some Loughborough students and find out what they think about first texts and first dates.

Q. Do you have certain rules you set yourself during the chase?

Girls Guys

“I don't sleep with them first date.”

“No I don't have any.”

“I never ask a guy on a date until we've been on two dates already, initiated by him.”

“You can't have set rules, you have to treat everyone individually.”

“They have to do something significant, like have to work for it before I’ll sleep with them. Unless you don't actually want anything more from them.”

“I wouldn't get with a girl without having known them for a bit first.”

Q. Where would you expect/would like to go on a first date?



“I’d like to go for a walk.” “The cinema is acceptable – it's quiet. And that intimate bit in the middle is nice.”

“Coffee. Nothing too serious.”

“The cinema would be bad, if you take someone out on the first date and you can't even talk to them, it's very silly.”

“Drinks at the bar. You have a chance to talk, as you won’t get caught slurping spaghetti, and you don't have to wait till the third course to leave.”

“Out to dinner, cause that's what I'm used to.”

Q. Do you expect the guy/girl to pay on a first date?



“I would appreciate the gesture.”

“Guy. Defo. Good manners.”

“I would prefer it but I would offer to pay too.”

“I expect to split the bill. Equality and all that”

“the guy should pay! You would at least offer but I’d be annoyed if I paid.”

“She should pay her own share. Yes. She could just be using you for your money.”


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