It has been a fantastic year for Harry French revelling in the delights of life off-campus. It all started back in October with another successful Freshers week full of excitement, rapport and good honest chaos. This ethos continued throughout, developing a level of unity perhaps best demonstrated when observing this year's greatest achievements.

Harry French ascended to what some have dubbed 'bi-winning' status in its considerable dominance over two of Loughborough's most revered inter-hall leaderboards. Winning the Action award for Most Outstanding Hall is perhaps the most apt example of the resident Frencher's willingness to be actively involved in giving something back to the community. It is this level of philanthropy ingrained within the culture that has extended to Rag, which like Action has continued to reign supreme since the start of the year (worth noting Rag's Three Top Star Fundraisers all being Harry Frenchers).

With feats such as these it is no surprise that Harry French found itself nominated for Hall of the Year. The Summer Ball bought with it a certain air of controversy. Holding the ball in the grounds of Harry French was considered by some as overly ambitious, outrageous and maddeningly impractical; this was not the case, quite the contrary. The ball was in fact massively successful allowing residents to band together, reminisce and revel in the infinitely free bar (a bar that's level of sustainability would have given the Magic Porridge Pot a run for its money, that is if porridge was alcoholic and not porridge). Alas as this hectic year comes to a close there has indeed been a lot to reminisce, many a memory in O' Harry French, however now is not the time for contemplativeness. Come the end of this summer break Harry French will have another batch of freshers to attend to, and endeavours to give them as good a time – if not better – than the outstanding 2010-2011.

O' Harry French, is wonderful.


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