Elvyn has recently enjoyed a successful weekend raising over £500 from our ‘Secret Garden’ themed Summer, entertaining over 200 of us with a swing band, DJ and a fantastic three-course meal. Followed by an amazing Elvyn day thanks to our Rag Reps Ben Cossor and Josh Hurrell, we saw bouncy castles, water slides, make shift hot tubs, music and a BBQ. Not only was it a great day but a useful opportunity for the some of our Kilimanjaro climbers to raise a bit of extra money by selling burgers on the day. Lougborough’s Media Centre even sent their award-winning LCR team down, who did an amazing job providing the music for the day. 

Rag’s highlight of the year so far was winning comic relief week. Not only did we raise a great amount for the charity, but also it helped raise the profile of Rag within the hall. Thanks go to Alexa Theron for her special efforts as our media rep, in which we made a fantastic leap from 14thto 8thin the league table. We are currently working involving everyone in our hall to remake the Party Rock Anthem to the “Elvyn Shuffle”, and videos of our Elvyn Day and Wedding. On that note, congrats to the two happy couples who recently joined in happy matrimony at the Elvyn Wedding, which was followed by a heavily celebrated reception.

We’ve also had success in the FREEC table positioned 3rd in as a result of successful black outs, as well as the impressive performance in sport. The girls have consistently placed throughout the year, most notably winning the Netball overall and making their mark in Hockey, Rounders, Squash and Tag Rugby. The boys also led from the front, who found themselves in second place for Rugby, Hockey, Football and Squash. Elvyn just missed out on the IMS Hall of The Year title to Faraday.

Our Finalist Reps have an exciting and well deserved week planned ahead, trips to Alton towers, go karting, boat cruise and much more is due to be enjoyed to celebrate their final year and leave Loughborough with a bang.

A massive thank you to everyone who has helped out in any of these events, we are hugely grateful for all your time and efforts. They are what makes Elvyn such an amazing hall!


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