It seems only like yesterday when I was heading down the A50 with a van full of bags. Silly little worries running around my brain: “Had I packed enough fancy dress? What was I going to cook myself? What shelf would I get in the fridge? And most importantly, would I have enough alcohol?”

Being excessively keen, I arrived at 9.30am so had loads of fresher helpers to carry everything to my new room and home.  I was surprised to find that the rooms in Rigg-Rut are large and spacious, and quickly found out that the en-suites are especially useful if feeling a bit queezy after a heavy night out. Unpacking my many pairs of shoes and way too many clothes, Rigg-Rut started to feel like home.

Our Freshers week was the best of my life! We did so much in such a short amount of time, from bowling and bonding to UV nights out in town, all ending in a very messy Freshers Ball. How we all managed to stay awake night after night, having mares and taking part in general hilarity, amazes me and I genuinely don’t know where we got the energy! Throughout the year we have held great socials, but in particular our punch parties are legendary. These take place in our beautiful common room, the Granby, which is where you can go to chill out, play some pool or table tennis, where we hold meetings, and much more!

There are many highlights to my year in Rigg-Rut, but in particular the boat trip in refreshers week was mental. We had a free bar and a great night out in Nottingham afterwards, topped off with a strip tease and random nakedness on the boat from some members of the hall!

Getting involved in hall life this year was very easy, the more you put in, the more you get out of it! RAG is always fun whatever the weather, especially when there is a big group of people doing it – if you’re doing a raid in a city, you may also get to do a spot of shopping. I had a great laugh playing tag rugby in IMS and I’m not a one for physical activity. Taking part in Action projects offers a real opportunity to get involved with the local community, whether it’s chopping down trees or doing some gardening.

All in all this year has been a blast, and I’m sure every other Rigg-Rut member can say the same.


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