From the first week of arriving in Butler, I could tell it would be a year like no other. From green aliens to Buzz Lightyear…something special had begun. Undoubtedly, since the triumphant progression to the final of the sing off, this was going to be an inspired year for Butler.

Since Freshers, this year has been full of success. Special mentions to the Butler girls who won four IMS trophies in total and the lad’s rugby team who managed the spectacular surprise result of a 15-5 victory over Faraday in the 7’s tournament. This year has shown the best of Butler and why we are the best hall on campus.

In 2010-2011 Butler provided the perfect way to get involved in all aspects of university life. Personally, I have personally been involved in IMS, RAG, and our own, highly successful radio show. After a weekend away, I arrived back to find that Butler had further expanded its musical influence since the chants of the sing off into the territory of an official debut single, ‘Red and Yellow’. 

Undoubtedly, one of my favourite parts of hall life has been the common room. In my opinion, I have learnt more about how to play pool and table tennis than I have my degree. It is the central point of Butler Court and has become the perfect venue for socials, ‘work’ as well as maintaining the most exciting atmosphere throughout Freshers and the rest of the year.

As a way of recording our success this year, we have expanded our media into the element of Skycourts News where we analyse shocking and exciting events this year including a special feature from sharking legend Tommy Job as well as in-depth analysis of Hammy Kerswill’s rugby performance this season – the highlight being his fall in the sevens tournament.

Throughout the year Butler really has been truly fantastic, and I only hope that we can build upon our success in the future

I can safely say that I am ‘Butler Till I Die!’


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