Yes, it is that time of year again when the best athletes from across the home nations converge on Loughborough to take part in an International Athletics competittion in what will be a fun-filled and entertaining day.

Loughborough take on England, Scotland, Wales, GB Juniors and a select squad from across the British Universities in a BUCS team in an action packed day of track and field.

Label will be taking you through the whole day right here as well as LCR broadcasting live from HiPac Hill.

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1830 On a blistering day of Athletics, that brings the day's events to a close.

1827 Final event of the day its the Men's 4X 400m, England wins with an unofficial time of 3:05.

1817 On the penultimate race, Shakes-Drayton wins it for England in a time of 3:37:39

1812 After 7 hours of exciting Athletics, we are approaching the conclusion with the 4X 400m relay, starting with the Women's and then Mens event.

1809 Jess Ennis finishes with her best throw 44.47m.

1808 Johnny Hay's burst of speed wins it in an exciting finish with 14m 3 seconds.

1806 Label Sports reporter Daniella Kerson has been working tirelessly over the past seven hours and has recently been down at the Pole Vault where Steve Lewis wins with 5m 60.

1804 Three horse race at the moment between Luke Gunn, James Walsh and Johnny Hay in the 5000m.

1757 Kate Dennison on Twitter: Yes Owen. United 4-2. Sorry this is way better and less windy lol

17:48 Great Britain win in a dramatic fashion, with Mark Lewis-Francis sealing the win for GB

17:45 The Men's 4x100m Relay Match is about to begin. Loughborough are early favourites in this one

17:39 England's relay team romp to victory in what was a very impressive time!

17:35 There is a buzz around HiPac Hill as the crowd eagerly await the arrival of the 4x100m women's relay runners. England and Loughborough are the teams to watch

17:27 As the bell sounds, it is difficult to pick a winner. Wales' Chris Discombe won in an emphatic fashion!

17:20 GBJ's Jack Patridge has taken the lead in the 3000m Steeplechase Men's Match at just over the half way mark

17:07 In the 1500m Women's match Charlene Thomas won with a time of 4.20

17:03 James Shane won the 1500m in 3:43.58

17:00 James Shane takes the win in what was an incredible performance in the Men's 1500m

16.56 The 1500m Men's Match is underway and it promises to be a close one as the bell goes

16:46 Irish Athlete Kerry Harty wins the Women's 3000m Steeplechase.

16:40 Jade Nimmo wins the Women's Long Jump with a distance of 6.31m,

16:38 Loughborough Student Chris Baker cleared 2m13 in the High Jump.

1636 Emma Raven in the lead for 3000m steeplechase.

16:31 There is a false start in the 3000m steeplechase, no disqualifications this time around.

16:21 Ryan Scott comes from nowhere to win 20.65 in 200m 'C', unfortunately it was a step too far for Mark Lewis-Francis.

16:18 Dannish Walker Khan wins with a respectable 21.26 in the 200m 'B' Invitational.

16:14 Luke Fagan with the win for the 200m 'A' invitational, unfortunately no time as of yet.

16:07 England's Danny Talbot runs an impressive race, winning the men's 200m with an incredible time of 20.65, Talbot hopes for World Championships, later this year.

16:01 Abi Oyapitan wins the Women's 200m by 23.41 with Lee McConnell following closely in 2nd place.

15:56 The 200m 'B' Invitation Women's race was won convincingly by Amy Foster

15:50 The 200m 'A' Invitation Women's race has begun. It promises to be a close one. The time was 23.47 but we do not know who won as yet. It was either Jeanette Kwakye or Joice Maduaka, tbc!

15:46 The Men's 800m Match went right down to the wire but was won by Mukhtar Mohammed 

15:43 In the Javelin competition, James Campbell has just thrown 75.03 which, as it stands is the winning distance.

15:42 Lynsey Sharp wins it in 2:06. She seemed to come from nowhere to pip the favourites to the post,

15:37 The 800m Women's Match race promises to be a tightly fought contest. The wind will no doubt be a factor but it remains to be seen who will take the lead at this early stage

15:34 The 110m Hurdles 'B' Invitation race was won by Suote Nyananyo

15:29 The 110m Hurdles 'A' Invitation race was won in style by Ben Reynolds

15:22 In the 110m Hurdles Men's Match race, GBJ athlete Andy Pozzi surprised the field by winning the race in what turned out to be a toughly fought contest

15:07 Loughborough's Harry A A, winner of the 100m is "happy" with his win, perhaps something to build on in the upcoming future.

14:55 Jodie Williams wins the 300m invitational women's event with a time of 38.02.

14:50 Jessica Ennis blames "horrendous wind" for her performance in the high jump, and has her "fingers crossed" about the Javelin, which starts at 14.55.

14:48 Loughborough Student Richard Davenport takes the 400m Match Men's event with 48.27s. A "veteran" of the LIA praises the "really good crowd" here at the LIA.

14:43 Jessica Ennis has once again clipped the bar in her third and final jump attempt at 1.92, that may conclude the women's high jump.

14:42 Scottish athlete Greg Louden storms down the back straight to seal the 400m C invitational, 49.08 was the time.

14:40 Another unsuccessful jump from Jess Ennis as the 400m C Invitational Men is underway after a green flag faulty start – green flag so no disqualification this time.

14:39 Trackside reporter Eddie White reports that Jess Ennis has failed with her first attempt at 1.92m.

14:37 1.86m is the latest height which Jess Ennis has cleared, 1.92m is the next height which she'll be taking on. 1.95 is the current record, can that be beaten today?

14:33 Results from the 400m B Invitational, plenty of shouts from the crowd on Hipac Hill for this one and Richard Morrisey takes it with a 48.22s. "Not bad for a windy day" is how Morrisey describes his time, he'll be looking for a mid 47 later on in the season.

14:31 Jessica Ennis has successful cleared 1.83m in her second jump. Plenty of battles amongst the media volunteers to interview her later on I believe.

14:28 A very excited Ed White commentates as Micheal Warner wins the 400m A invitational with a time of 48.07s. Unfortunately, David Riley couldn't maintain his lightning start for the full distance.

14:25 Another faulty start in the 400m A invitational, not for the first time today either, Billy Ryan is the guilty party this time so he recieves an instant disqualification. Very harsh rule change that in my opinion.

14:22 Jessica Ennis is monopolising the coverage on LCR, plenty of interest on her on Hipac Hill. The 400m A Invitational is up next

14:18 Thanks for all your input on twitter. Plenty of information from all sorts of sources, make sure you keep one eye on the hashtag #LIA.

14:16 The 1500m invitational is underway.

14:13 Jess Ennis is next up in the high jump, 1.75 is the height and she clears it "easily" according to Ed White and Jago Pearson on Lufbra Campus Radio. "Different gravy" that performance from Miss Ennis according to Jago on LCR.

14:11 Perry Shakes-Drayton "went slower" due to the wind despite running to victory in the 400m Match women's race with a time of 53.94 seconds.

14:08 Bucs champion Laura Wake is warming up for the 400m Match Women's race which is up next. The wind is still blowing but it seems that the rain has passed for the time being.

14:06 "Not as hard as I thought it would be" is the assessment from 400 B Invitational winner Emma Williams as she discusses the weather conditions with LCR trackside reporter Euan Parsons.

14:02 Kelly Massey takes victory in that 400m A invitational. Still no news on Kelly Sotherton injury. Ed White believes the high jump must be the most frustrating event due to the fact that it always ends in failure. Thoughts?

14:00 Sotherton has pulled up after just 200m, very disappointing that. Fingers crossed she's okay.

13:58 Kelly Sotherton lines up for the 400m A invitational in lane 4 is the "one to watch" according to LCR reporter Euan Parsons.

13:53 Bucs Live presenter Jago admits to "high anticipation" ahead of the high jump as he chats to Micheal Baker trackside. His highlight of the day so far was the 100m match.

1 3:50 Plenty of murmors on HipacHill as Jessica Ennis seen warming up for her high jump which should be coming up soon.

13:47 6.31m is the leading distance in the women's long jump competition according to @BeccyOldham on twitter.

13:39 The crowd are in rampant support now follwing the Men's 100m. The weather conditions certainly haven't put off a large turn out.

13:32 Our celeb spotty extraordinaire Dani Kerson has informed me that besides Andy Robinson, Linford Christie and Charles van Commenee have been wandering around HiPac Hill.

13:27 And we've got our first photo finish of the day as Guy Learmonth and Eoin Everard, or EON, as our radio commentator Ben Snowball cries out across the airwaves in the 800m Men's Invitational.

13:22 Our reporter Beccy Oldham watching Kate Dennison win the pole vault.

Kate denison taking the win at the competition.

13:16 Epsom & Ewell athlete Paul Jacob won the Invitational C race in a time of 55.34. Whilst Jack Green claimed 51.87 in the Match 400m hurdles.

13:11  Thanks to the pro's at Athleticos for this little nugget: 

Match 100m times were with a legal wind

12:54 In the 400m Hurdles Invitation A race, David Martin got over the line first. Martin Liptor achieving the number one spot in the B race.

12:49 The Men's 100m Match was a thoroughly exciting encounter which was won in a time of 10.10. We are currently waiting for the winner to be confirmed. Tune into LCR now to hear Ben Snowball's interview with Harry A A

12:43 Jonathan Holmes was victorious in the 'D' Invitational race with an unofficial time of 10.77.

12:39 Richard Kilty wins the 'C' Invitational with 10.41, whilst Adam Gemeli's winning time was a respectable 10.28. All times are unofficial until given full confirmation.

12:34 Third false start of the day for the 'C' invitational. Otherwise, confirmation of Adam Gemeli's win in the 100m 'B'.

12:30 Despite windy conditions, Loughborough turning out in numbers:   Beccy Oldham:Hipac filling up at the

12:28 The wind assisted 100m 'A' Invitational, was won by Andy Robertson with 10.22.

12:26 False start for Danny Talbot in the 100m 'A' Invitational.

12:24 Eilidh Child wins the 400m hurdles with 58.96, the men's 100m to follow.

12:20 Corrected time for Laura Turner is 11.35, next up is the Women's 400m hurdles.
12:15 In typical Loughborough conditions, Nisha Desai wins the 400m hurdles 'A' Invitational with 61.61.

12:10 First Big Winner, Laura Turner not quite beating her PB but won the 100m with a time of 11.36

12:03 Amy Foster and Lucy Onyeforo winning the 100m A and B Invationals with 11.58 and 11.91 respectively.

11:58 BBC's MarkShardlow :Some top athletics today at Loughboro including Jessica Ennis. Howling wind – and I'm here to see

11:54 James Taylor's time has just been finalised as 14.01, and we have our first field event winner, Scotland's Andy Frost with an incredible throw of 72.79m.
11:49 2nd winner of the afternoon, Andy Pozzi with a time of 13.67 in the U20s Invational 110m hurdles.

11:35 Andy Frost now leads the Hammer with a PB of 72.79 in round 5, whilst James Taylor won the first track event of the day, with 13.9 in the U 18 110m hurdles,

11:27 It's all go, go, go now. As the U18s 110m hurdles take to the track and start to warm-up. Still overcast and windy conditions, however, could be a benefit for the track athletes with a strong tail wind.

11:21 Mark Dry records the first PB of the day in round 3 of the Men's hammer, taking the lead with a throw of 72.39m.

11:12 A dominant display early on in the men's hammer event with four throws over 70m. Round 1 sees Mike Floyd edge into the lead with 71.15m. 

10:50 Label's Andrew Lawton also on twitter says: "Star spotting no.1, ex lufbra and ex eng rugby coach andy robinson "

10:42 Label's Ed White has also been on twitter, taking in theearly atmosphere with this camera snap.

Its got busier since then, but with the rain everyone seems to have been running for cover. The hurdles are fully set up for our first track race at 11.30 but before then, the Men's Hammer is set to start the proceedings at 11.00am with the Alex Smith competing for Loughborough.

10:35 on twitter: "Good luck to all those running at loughborough today. "

10:25 So we are here, 2011 Loughborough International Athletics. The weather is indifferent to say the least, will it rain, will it pour or will it be glorious sunshine. It was sunshine an hour ago but the first drops of rain have just fallen. Keep up to date with Label all day giving you all the details from what happens.


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