After 16 days of campaigning, thousands of sweets eaten and a devoid disregard to their personal health, the 19 candidates in the Exec Elections 2011 found out their fate in front of a packed Room1.

Subject to ratification at Union Council next week, your new LSU Executive 2011-2012 are:

Union President: Rebecca Bridger
VP Democracy and Communications: Pete Childs
VP Education: Jayde Savage
VP Finance and Commercial Services: Lucy Padolsey
Rag Chair: Sarah Musgrave
Action Chair: David Cox
AU President: Adam Rae
Soc Fed President: Jason Painter
Head of Media: Anie Davis
Welfare DO: Jack Heskett
Ethical and Environmental DO: Igors Maslov

Congratulations and good luck to the successful candidates.

More reaction to follow.

To see the results as they were announced. Skip to 72:06 for the Room1 show.



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