Standing proudly in the stylish, picturesque Churchgate, MaryMary was founded by Debby Mcvay in 2008 and has been a favourite among students ever since. Label’s Anna Birtwistle went to chat to Debby to find out a little more about one of Loughborough’s best loved boutiques.

The idea for MaryMary came after an American friend of Debby’s suggested she should buy clothes from label American Eagle and sell it here, and with her sister owning Goodliffe’s café, Loughborough seemed the perfect place.

Since then the store has grown in popularity and success, the key to which Debby believes is thanks to their friendly down-to-earth service and gift-wrapping of items.

She believes, “Nice things shouldn’t be thrown in carrier bags”; a unique service which helps MaryMary standout among giants such as Topshop.

Debby tells me students have requested most of the brands at MaryMary and she has been more than happy to stock them.

Labels such as Yumi, Bedroom Athletics, SuperDry, and Traffic People all make up the unique style offered in the shop.

The buying process consists of two main shows that Debby visits in February and August called Pure.

These fashion shows are a must for all independent retailers. There are others such as Bread and Butter, for street-wear and Moda for women’s-wear.

The hard work comes in choosing collections she wants to stock that fit in with student style and tastes, making sure she sells brands at affordable prices. However with big stores such as Debenhams and Topshop selling concessions more and more now, it’s hard to keep costs low while buying in smaller amounts.

Debby loves to stock independent designers clothes too, helping out were possible.

MaryMary is a star in Loughborough’s high street and Debby comments on how being in the picturesque Churchgate has added to the quirky image of the shop.

Spring flowers and gorgeous printed dresses take over the stylish window display at MaryMary telling us spring is nearly here.

With all the Spring/Summer clothes starting to come in stock, Debby tells us her predictions for this season.

She loves how many different styles there are this year but the biggest has to be bright, bold colours.

She says eveningwear is clashing this year and very different from last year’s subtle pastels. I also spotted cute bikinis and clutch bags in the store as well as quirky carefully chosen pieces of jewellery too.

They seem to get a rush on Monday afternoons and of course weekends with student looking for the perfect key item, whatever it is MaryMary has a great mix of women’s and men’s wear.

So take a look at what is on offer in MaryMary this spring not only the clothes but a student friendly service in our very own Loughborough.

MaryMary is open Monday 1.30 – 5.30, Tuesday – Saturday 10 – 5.30 and Sunday 1.00 – 4.00

53 Churchgate, next to Goodliffe’s café.

MaryMary’s brand new website will be up and running within the next two months.


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