Hall rivalry at Loughborough is as standard as butter on toast and now there’s a whole new way to stamp your halls authority on campus.

As part of Experience the World week The Lufbra Games will take place on the 23rd March and offers a unique approach inter-hall sport.

Forget Rugby, forget Football – actually forget any sport you might have played in your IMS kit, the Lufbra Games is about taking a journey across the globe and trying out some traditional leisure pursuits whilst battling against the other halls to be crowned the Lufbra Games champions.

As well as being unique to Loughborough hall events, the Lufbra Games is also the first student led project to be awarded the Inspire Mark by the IOC.

This award credits the Games as a special sporting event, inspired by the 2012 Olympic movement that helps people to connect to areas of sport and culture.

The games consist of multiple competitions, from a hot dog eating contest to a race in the Finish wife carrying contest in which the fastest time will be crowned the winner.

With just 15 places on a team, students who wish to take part need to contact their relevant Sports Secs now to get involved, grab some free stash and experience the world!


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