Head of Media candidate Chris Lloyd has been hard to miss on campus this week in his bright yellow Transformer outfit.

And it seems the bright colour of his costume has reflected his mood so far.

"Campaigning has been absolutely brilliant so far.

"The last few days I have done a few things. On Tuesday I made about 300 pancakes at the corner of Royce and Faraday, and they went within about an hour!"

And Lloyd, 23, didn’t stop there.

"Yesterday I went to coach the Loughborough kickboxing team, because I do boxing as a hobby, and then I went to the Loughborough cheerleaders’ ‘Goldrush’ social, and then to Hey Ewe.

"It was a very productive couple of days!"

However, Lloyd is aware that it is ‘a marathon not a sprint,' as he was heard saying to his fellow candidates in a previous conversation. And despite it being busy, he assures Loughborough that he has plenty more tricks up his sleeve.

"It’s been very busy so far. For the rest of the week, I have a big thing planned tomorrow. I know some of the other guys have got things planned as well. That’s the day we are going to make our mark."

"I can’t tell you what it is at the moment, you will have to wait and see!"

Chris is running against Anie ‘Potter’ Davies for the hotly contested Head of Media position.


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