Label caught up with Welfare and Development officer candidate Jack ‘Tin-Tin’ Heskett this afternoon to see how he felt campaigning had gone so far.

Heskett, currently living in Towers, is unopposed for the position. However he admitted, that this does not stop him needing the help of his new found friends, the other candidates, of whom he dubbed his ‘little family’.

"I have been getting on great with the other candidates. We are like a little family already! I absolutely adore them.

"They’ve been really helpful for me and given me pointers. They send me a text to say they are going door knocking and ask if I want to go with them."

The candidates aren’t the only reason the 18-year-old has enjoyed campaigning.

"I am really enjoying campaigning so far, I haven’t really got around as many halls as I hoped to when door knocking. But when you go round a hall, often half the people aren’t in! I have tried to go back to as many as possible.

"People have come up to me on nights out and said ‘Hey’, it’s really hard to remember which hall I met them in! But it’s been great."

However it hasn’t all been plain sailing for the Computing and Management Student.

"The hardest part of campaigning for me has been staying up until one or two in the morning and then going to a lecture, or even a double lecture in the morning.

"You have to balance it all next year when it comes around, so I need to now.

"I was unsure about my hustings, but people have come up to me since and said they saw me and I did ok, which is good."

When asked how he would sum up the election experience in three words, Hesket beamed with pride.

"Its definitely been fascinating, exciting and fun!"

 Jack Tin Tin Heskett is uncontested for the position of Welfare Development Officer.


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